How to Select Perfect Photos for Your Vision Board

Here are tips and examples to help you select the perfect photos for your vision board.

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So, you're making your vision board. I'm so excited for you! Today I'll help you learn how to choose the most perfect photos for your vision board.

Images are the heart and soul of your vision board so naturally, it makes sense to choose them carefully. There is one and only one thing that you should keep in mind when you choose your photos, and it is this:

Be specific

This is all you have to keep in mind when you select photos for your vision board. If you want a new house, don't just put up any random house's photo on your board, really visualize it. How does the garden look like? How have you decorated the walls? What is the color of the furniture in your bedroom? Be as specific as you can be.

As you're here, you'll love our course on making your most effective vision board.

Here are 11 examples to help you understand how to choose perfect photos for your Vision Board:

Vision Board Photo Examples

1. Goal: Honeymoon in Bali

In travel photos, I recommend choosing one that also shows a person or at least a silhouette to show that you are present there. For example, in this photo, you can see that it is a woman, but since you can't see the face, it's easy to visualize yourself there.

Photo of a woman looking at the ocean holding a man's hand
Photo credit: Alexander Wendt (from Pexels)

2. Goal: Boho Style Drawing Room

I follow this Instagram account and the interior decor is exactly like how I would want my room to be. If you have any accounts or pages that you follow, take screenshots and add them to your board.

Photo credit: @hamburgdaniahoi

3. Goal: Walk 10K Steps Daily

Numbers matter, and looking at them clearly paints a picture in your mind. It's great to have photos that narrate your goal too. You will remember your goal as you view your vision board every day.

Image with 10,000 steps written
Image credit: (from Google Images)

4. Goal: VIP seats at Taylor Swift's Stadium Tour

One of my goals. As it is necessary to be specific, I chose a photo that is captured from the place that I would want to be in the stadium. It's like I'm there already looking at her performance.

Photo of Taylor Swift performing live
Photo credit: Getty Images (from Google Images)

5. Goal: 1 Million YouTube subscribers

This is pretty straightforward. Add a photo of something that you want to achieve. You can go the extra mile to make this specific by editing the name of your channel on the Youtube Play Button so that it shows exactly like how you want to see it.

Photo showing YouTube Gold Play
Photo credit: Speedy Driver (Google Images)

6. Work at Google

Another trick is to manipulate existing items that you want to see updated. For example, here I changed my Instagram bio, took a screenshot, and then reverted it to its current state. A photo like this on your vision board clearly puts your dream in front of you so you don't have to imagine it. It's right there.

Instagram profile

7. Get Graduated in 2022

Again, try to mimic how the future would look like and use photos with human elements that you can easily imagine as yourself.

Photo of a hand holding graduation letter
Photo credit: Ekrurila (Pexels)

8. Volunteer at Local Hospice

This is a great photo because it not only visualizes the real-life scenario but also has the extra touch to manifest by having the word "VOLUNTEER" at the back of her T-shirt. Specific!

Photo of a girl with her hand on an old woman's shoulder
Photo Credit: Planning Your Adventure (Google Images)

9. Buy All Apple Products

Material goals are one of the easiest to put on your board.

Photo of Macbook, iPad, and iPhone
Photo Credit: Pixabay (Pexels)

10. Open Animal Shelter

This photo is of an animal shelter that I really am connected to and would love to build something like this in the future.

Photo of a cow at animal shelter
Image Credit: Peepal Farm (Google Images)

11. Adopt a black dog

Well, in all honesty, I didn't use a vision board for this one. I didn't know about vision boards 3 years ago, but I had read Harry Potter, and I loved the character Sirius Black who could transform into a black dog.

I wanted to adopt a black dog (not buy one) so I was hoping that one would turn up. I would've adopted a dog anyway but my manifestation power brought my fur brother Alex to me!

I learned that if you believe in yourself and your dreams, sooner or later they will come to you.

Alex & Me

I hope this was helpful and that you'll have a great time creating your vision board.

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