110+ Abundance Affirmations for Limitless Possibilities

Let there be no limits to your dreams!

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Welcome to our collection of abundance affirmations! I hope that my words will provide you with the inspiration and comfort you need. Life can get really tough sometimes to get through or understand, so any hint of support is welcome and appreciated. Let's do this!

Abundance translates to plentiful supply, an overflow of something. That can be very different from person to person, depending on the state of their mind and their life. Some people may most want an abundance of money (I feel you), some may long for love, while others may want more free time, good health, creativity, closeness with nature, or peace.

Affirmations of abundance are helpful because they solidify what your intention is with self-belief and good spirits. Affirmations are words that we say to strengthen and inspire our own selves. Whether or not you subscribe to the Law of Attraction, positive affirmations do have a positive impact on our thoughts, the same as negative thoughts lead to a more negative perspective.

Affirmations are the words that go against the first thought response in our head that's usually not affirmative. For example, I am learning to paint these days and when I look at reference photos, I often have thoughts like, "I can't make this", "I'm not there yet" or "This is too hard for me". These thoughts stop me from trying at all and there's no way to get there without actually taking a step. So, I tell myself, "Let's try this out. It is only when I try to paint it that I will get closer to learning it. Thinking that I can't make it doesn't actually mean that I can't." These are affirmations. They affirm my self-belief.

I hope that now you have a better understanding of how affirmations will be helpful to you and how you can include them in your life. It's okay if the negative words or negative affirmations still come, you are not doing it wrong. As long as you counter them with positive affirmations, you'll be helping yourself. With that, let us now get to our abundance affirmations and affirm the limitless possibilities of life!

Here are the affirmations you will find:

  1. Abundance Affirmations
  2. Abundance Affirmations for Wealth
  3. Abundance Affirmations for Self-Love
  4. Abundance Affirmations for Success
  5. Abundance Affirmations for Confidence
  6. Abundance Affirmations for Love & Relationships
  7. Abundance Affirmations for Health & Well-Being
  8. Abundance Affirmations for Happiness

Abundance Affirmations

  1. I am limitless.
  2. There are no limits to what I can achieve.
  3. I have complete faith in myself and my life.
  4. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  5. My life is abundant with blessings.
  6. I keep receiving unexpected opportunities.
  7. Miracles keep happening in my life.
  8. I open myself to limitless possibilities.
  9. I fully believe that I can create the life I want.
  10. I can accomplish all of my dreams.
  11. Abundance is my natural state.
  12. What I want already wants me.
  13. What I want is on its way to me.
  14. Abundance flows into my life effortlessly.

a. Abundance Affirmations for Wealth

  1. I am worthy of the wealth I desire.
  2. I am financially free.
  3. I am grateful for the money I have.
  4. I am a money magnet.
  5. Wealth and abundance flow to me.
  6. I am open to receiving money.
  7. I attract money easily and effortlessly.
  8. I know that I am worthy of financial success.
  9. I am an excellent money manager.
  10. I am generous with my money.
  11. I am a great giver and an excellent receiver.
  12. Money is drawn to me.
  13. Everything I touch turns into gold.
  14. I think about money positively.
  15. Money is openly flowing into my life.

b. Abundance Affirmations for Self-Love

  1. I deserve love just as I am.
  2. I am filled with love for myself.
  3. I embrace my inner child.
  4. I tend to my heart with softness.
  5. I celebrate everything that make me ME!
  6. Compassion flows through me effortlessly.
  7. I am my greatest ally.
  8. Self-love comes to me naturally.
  9. Love fills my heart for who I am.
  10. Each part of me is worthy of love.
  11. I honor and cherish my life.
  12. My uniqueness is a beautiful part of me.
  13. I fully embrace all parts of me.
  14. I am overflowing with love and care.

c. Abundance Affirmations for Success

  1. My every action leads to success.
  2. My success is inevitable.
  3. I believe in my dreams 100%!
  4. I am limitlessly capable.
  5. I devote myself to my goals completely.
  6. I trust in my better future wholeheartedly.
  7. I work to make my future self proud of me.
  8. All of my dreams will become reality.
  9. I have complete faith in myself.
  10. Every step takes me closer to my success.
  11. I am proud of myself for being so dedicated to my goals.
  12. I know that everything will work out for the best.

d. Abundance Affirmations for Confidence

  1. Every day I become more confident, powerful, and successful.
  2. I am capable and worthy.
  3. I choose trust over doubt.
  4. I have faith in my journey.
  5. I strive to get better, not perfect.
  6. I am at peace with my appearance.
  7. I naturally feel good about myself.
  8. Going out of my comfort zone helps me grow.
  9. My confidence grows every day.
  10. I get more confident with every challenge I overcome.
  11. My future is bright.
  12. I am worthy of being here.
  13. I believe in myself.
  14. I trust that I can do this.
  15. I can overcome any challenge.
  16. I know that I am worthy of a good life.
  17. It is becoming easier for me to feel confident every day.
  18. I am learning to trust myself more and more.

e. Abundance Affirmations for Love & Relationships

  1. I am letting love into my life.
  2. I feel surrounded by love everywhere.
  3. I receive love in abundance from everyone I meet.
  4. I am grateful for all the love and affection I get.
  5. I deserve fulfilling relationships.
  6. My heart is open.
  7. I am attracting trusting and loving relationships.
  8. I am grateful for the people who love me.
  9. I am worthy of the compliments I receive.
  10. I am worthy of love and care.
  11. I deserve the love I receive.
  12. The more love I give, the more I receive.
  13. I love to give and receive love.
  14. I deserve real and authentic love.
  15. I am open and ready to find true love.

f. Abundance Affirmations for Health & Well-Being

  1. I am full of energy and vitality.
  2. My health gets better and better every day.
  3. My body is healthy, my mind is brilliant, and my soul is tranquil.
  4. I trust the wisdom of my body completely.
  5. I am abundantly blessed.
  6. I can heal myself.
  7. I cherish my life, knowing that it is my greatest gift.
  8. I choose to focus on my good health.
  9. My body glows with healing light.
  10. My mind is a peaceful place.
  11. My thoughts are uplifting and serene.
  12. I bless my body with good things abundantly.

g. Abundance Affirmations for Happiness

  1. I choose a path of happiness and wellness.
  2. I am creating happiness within myself.
  3. I choose to be happy every day of my life.
  4. Today is a gift, and I embrace it with positivity.
  5. I begin each day with a grateful heart.
  6. I approach this day with joy and excitement.
  7. I deserve to be happy.
  8. My life is filled with an abundance of goodness.
  9. I hold the key to my own happiness.
  10. I am pure, positive energy.
  11. I feel healthy, joyful, and vibrant.
  12. I bring light with me wherever I go.
  13. I am a successful and happy person.
  14. I choose to be free and happy.
  15. I am a healthy and happy person.
  16. I am willing to be happy now.
  17. I am filled with energy and excitement.
  18. Limitless joy is my birthright.

And, that's all! I hope you found these abundance affirmations helpful. Do share these with a friend if you think it could cheer them up. I wish you the best!

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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