40 Things to Be Grateful For Today

Here's a list of 40 things to be grateful for today.

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There are so many things around us and in our lives that we overlook, so many blessings that we forget to acknowledge. Gratitude is everywhere. We are all so blessed in little and big ways. All we are required to do is focus.

Look around you and you will find something that you can express gratitude towards. Imagine, if we searched for all the tiniest things and moments to feel grateful for, we'd never run out of ideas. Before asking for more, let's appreciate all that we have.

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40 Things to Be Grateful For

  1. Your morning coffee/tea
  2. A healthy breakfast
  3. That movie that always makes you laugh
  4. When your hands are full and someone opens the door for you
  5. Your good health
  6. Your close friends
  7. Holidays
  8. Cute animal videos
  9. Warm sunshine in winter days/cool wind in hot summer days
  10. The senses that make you experience the world
  11. Funny people, always a blessing!
  12. A secret joke between you and your friend
  13. The moment when your food comes at a restaurant
  14. When your favorite song comes on the radio right at the perfect time
  15. Tears to express your deepest emotions
  16. A friend’s face after you surprised them
  17. Oxygen for life
  18. Transportation
  19. Comfortable clothes
  20. Technology
  21. Your ability to help
  22. Kind strangers
  23. A warm, cozy blanket on chilly nights
  24. A great meal with your loved ones
  25. Old photos
  26. Flowers
  27. Excitement for adventures
  28. A relaxing bath
  29. Winning at a game
  30. Sacrificing for love
  31. Your favorite school teacher
  32. Handwritten letters
  33. A relaxed weekend
  34. Fresh morning air
  35. Deep conversations
  36. Feeling understood
  37. Stories that fascinate you
  38. Free learning resources
  39. Experience of life
  40. Yourself

So, what do you say? We have so many things to feel grateful for, right? Go ahead and write in your gratitude journal! 💖

Here's to gratitude for the little things!

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40 Things to Be Grateful For Today
Step into the practice of gratitude.
40 Things to Be Grateful For Today
Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari is the writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude. She believes that one of the most effective ways of improving one's mental health is by having a compassionate self-relationship.


Step into the practice of gratitude.

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