5 Ways to Use Gratitude to Grow Stronger Relationships

Here are 5 ways to use gratitude to have stronger and more fulfilling relationships in your life.

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We have a lot of love in our hearts for the important people in our lives. We bless them as we see them laugh, and hope that the greatest things become a part of their journey.

It’s all wonderful, but most of it is within us. How often do we actively express gratitude to the people closest to us for all the ways they make our life beautiful?

The other day, I was talking to a Gratitude user and she mentioned that the way she saved her marriage was by focusing on all the ways, big and small, her husband was contributing to their family and appreciating him wholeheartedly.

When someone is new to us, a partner, friend, or family member, it is easy to be excited about all the good things about them. We search for the unique parts of their personality and are keen to know them more.

But, as time goes on, and they become a regular part of our lives, we start slacking, reducing the effort, care, and attention we used to give them.

To have beautiful, fulfilling, and strong relationships, we must do the best for our loved ones, and what better way than applying the microscopic appreciative process of gratitude?

5 ways to Use Gratitude to Grow Stronger Relationships

  1. Express gratitude for doing what they’re “supposed to do”
  2. Appreciate their dreams and idiosyncrasies
  3. Value their time
  4. Be grateful for their presence
  5. Be consistent

1. Express gratitude for doing what they’re “supposed to do”

Your partner, your parent, or your friend, is supposed to treat you well, support you, and be loving towards you, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of what they do.

When your loved one gets you water, helps you out with a chore, listens to your thoughts, or walks to the grocery store with you, it is essential to feel grateful for their presence and effort.

In every little way that they make your life easier and sweeter, there must be gratitude, and one that is true. Saying an emotionless “thanks” won’t take the train home.

Take a moment to truly appreciate all the parts where they are present in your life and make them feel special for the mundane things.

2. Appreciate their dreams and idiosyncrasies

We all have our weird traits, the things that distinguish us and give a unique flavor to our personality.

And, we all have dreams that we want others to believe in. What are the strange ways of the people you love? What are their dreams? Consciously appreciate what makes them unique and excited.

Is it the way they sneeze? Or the way they tell stories? Are they obsessed with automobiles? Do they dream of opening up a library or adopting a hundred dogs?

Let’s wholeheartedly celebrate the amazing things about them and let them know how awesome they are.

3. Value their time

Many of our loved ones spend a lot of time with us. We miss the ones that don’t but don’t appreciate the ones that do. Come to think of it, it’s quite a great blessing.

Let’s take this moment to appreciate how precious the gift of their time is. Their availability to us is a privilege and we must treat it that way.

If they have chosen to be with us for most of their days, it’s a priceless present. Let’s value the time that our close ones willingly share with us.

4. Be grateful for their presence

This is a quick reminder that life is unpredictable. Let’s be mindful to not take our loved ones for granted and forever available. There is no certainty that what we have now will be with us in all days to come.

Any number of factors can come into play and change our current situation. Every day, let’s keep expressing true gratitude for the people present in our lives and acknowledge that it wouldn’t be so great without them.

5. Be consistent

Now that we’ve listed out four main ways to use gratitude for building stronger relationships, we must practice this well. Consistency is key if we wish to see results.

As gratitude journaling should be done daily to observe its best impacts, expressing gratitude to our loved ones should also be practiced diligently. Let’s be dedicated to our relationships and give our heart to building them as strongly as possible.

So, there you are. These are some ways that gratitude can be used to grow stronger relationships. When we’re not mindful, we take the most important ever-present parts of our lives for granted. Let’s do better and practice gratitude for the little things and dear people to live a truly magical life!

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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