Express Your Gratitude to These 15 People in Your Life

Here is a list of 15 people in your life that you can express gratitude towards.

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Gratitude is wonderful. As we keep practicing it, we notice the changes that it brings to our lives, and how it makes us happier with time. But, this is largely limited to us. What can we do to spread the joy of gratitude to more people in your life?

The best way to spread gratitude around is to be vocal about it, express it as much as you can to the people in your life.

Here are 15 People to Express your Gratitude Towards

  1. The person who makes you laugh hysterically and can lighten up your mood in a matter of minutes
  2. Your caregiver who goes out of their way to provide you with what you need and loves you unconditionally
  3. The person in your life that has pushed you to do more and go out of your comfort zone
  4. The person you can call whenever you're in a sticky situation. They're always there to help you out.
  5. The person who, with just their presence and pure heart, has made you a better person and work over your faults
  6. The most positive person you know. They're always looking for the best in every situation and staying merry even when things are rough.
  7. Someone you feel most accepted with. You can be your truest self with them, and there are no filters present.
  8. Someone that you talk the most to. Words fly out of your mouth ceaselessly with them, and hours pass by without notice.
  9. The person who has been with you through the years and almost every struggle in your life.
  10. The person who inspires you greatly. You look up to them and take their example as a guiding light.
  11. The person that you meet the most often and might forget to appreciate.
  12. The person that you trust the most. You can confide in all your dark fears, insecurities, and problems to them.
  13. The person whose beautiful smile gives you immense joy.
  14. The person that you don't know so well but appreciate a lot because of their wonderful personality
  15. A friend that you haven't caught up with for a long while but share evergreen memories with

So, there you are! These are the 15 people that you can reach out to with a grateful heart. Sending a 'Letter of Gratitude' from the Gratitude app would be a great idea for this!

Go on then, sprinkle the sparkle of gratitude on the people in your life, and make their day shine brighter with your words.

Have a great time!

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Express Your Gratitude to These 15 People in Your Life
Step into the practice of gratitude.
Express Your Gratitude to These 15 People in Your Life
Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari is the writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude. She believes that one of the most effective ways of improving one's mental health is by having a compassionate self-relationship.


Step into the practice of gratitude.

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