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"I started to experience what I call inner happiness. I've learned that the majority of people that seek happiness, don't even know what happiness is."

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Rodrigo: Well, my life before gratitude was a very complicated part of my life. I was experiencing so much anxiety, pain, stress, and a lot of negative feelings. And I started to have a very negative attitude towards life.

Because, when you are uncomfortable with your life, you start attracting those things into your life so your life becomes more miserable than it was before.

And I started to experience that I was in a very toxic relationship. And it started to get on to me but in a really sad and depressing way. And when I finally broke away from that relationship, I started being more myself, if you could say so.

I wanted to get away from all of that. So I started to apply for schools outside Mexico, to go to another high school in the US, or in Italy, or in another country, I wanted to escape my reality. And I sort of did.

I got accepted into five schools, and I won some scholarships for them. But then, in this process, I was talking to my uncle, because this was the starting of the starting point of the pandemic. It was May 2020.

And my uncle told me about this app that had helped him a lot in many ways. And, I thought, well, let's give it a chance. I downloaded Gratitude and started writing my entries. I started with very little commitment, with little entries, not every day.

I started meditating during this process, also. I learned that my entries were improving because for me this was an opportunity to first practice my English and my English writing. And I've always been a person who writes a lot.

I started writing full paragraphs of stories in my gratitude entries. And I started noticing some changes, some big changes that were improving my life very slowly, but I noticed them immediately because the day was starting and I would pay more attention to little details we don't usually pay attention to.

I started to think, "This is a great thing, I'm going to write about it in my gratitude entry of the night." And, I used to write three entries per day, about three things I was grateful for. I later changed that to one entry, but longer. And my life started improving because of this positivity.

Aarushi: So you started to see these positive changes in your life and I would just like to know more about how your perspective was changing, or how your daily life was changing. And I remember that you'd also mentioned your grandmother before.

Rodrigo: Okay, okay. Yeah, she's in the other room. She's practicing her English in Duolingo. My grandmother was a great influence factor in this aspect of my life because she's an alternative doctor or something like that.

And she believes in energies and chakras and all these things that are very wonderful, that I love with all my heart. She taught me about the power of the mind. She's very critical of the things she says.

And I remember her telling me when I was a little kid, that whenever I wanted to save myself from sickness. I would only have to repeat the words, "I'm not sick. I'm not sick. I'm not sick." and reprogram my mind to not be sick.

I started to talk with her about all of these things that I was experiencing. I even told her when I started using the Gratitude app and told her about the changes that I was experiencing.

And she was very proud of me. She's my main motivation right now, the one that supports me the most. And her being proud of me is the best thing I can experience.

Regarding your question, I started to experience what I call inner happiness. Like, you always expect to receive happiness from other sources like buying things. In this capitalist society, we are very influenced by buying happiness.

Happiness is not something we can buy, or we can get from others. I've learned that the majority of people that seek happiness, don't even know what happiness is. So I started to feel this inner force, I don't know how to describe it.

But it's different from the happiness you feel when you buy something. It's this inner satisfaction that you have, you only experience that because you're alive. And that's all, everything becomes perfect. Everything is perfect.

So that is my daily mantra. I just do what I can do, and then just leave it on to destiny. And everything that can happen will happen the way it has to be. And I will not get frustrated and stressed out by that because it works in mysterious ways.

Everything was starting to go out perfectly for me. I started to meet new people, I started to get in shape, I started to shape my life the way I wanted to. And I certainly met my current girlfriend.

And, we have been together for one year and seven months. And it's a long time, but I'm very in love with her. And I attracted her into my life because I've always dreamed of having her in my life. She was my ultimate crush. She was the love of my life. I wanted to have her.

But it was impossible for me until one day I decided to do it. And thanks to the law of attraction, I managed to get her into my life. And it was such an amazing achievement. One of the biggest achievements I've had in my life. And, I can't be more grateful about it because I look into her eyes and I can't stop thinking about the dream come true that it is to be with her.

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