70+ Pregnancy Affirmations for Comfort and Confidence

You and your baby deserve the best!

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Before I begin, congratulations! I hope that you and your baby are healthy, happy, and excited for a lifetime of love and togetherness. In this post, I will help you with pregnancy affirmations to help you feel comforted, and confident, and enjoy this extraordinary experience.

Let me be honest, I have never been pregnant, so I don't know exactly what you are going through, but think of me as that sweet sister who wants to be there for you as you carry your child and go through everything that comes with it.

I was the first child in my family and I have had the privilege of being there around my aunts during their pregnancies. It is such a beautiful thing to witness. But of course, there are struggles too, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So, today I want to give you affirmations that will address the highs and lows of being pregnant and what a rollercoaster it is. I hope to make it relatable to all the individual experiences of being pregnant. Wishing you and your baby the very very best! Here are your pregnancy affirmations:

Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy Affirmations for Comfort

  1. I can do this.
  2. I trust myself and my body.
  3. I am grateful for my baby.
  4. I am excited to become a mother.
  5. In my struggles, I connect with what matters most - my baby.
  6. I am blessed with the magic of giving life.
  7. I trust my body's wisdom.
  8. I am filled with love and happiness for my baby.
  9. My baby becomes healthier with my joy.
  10. I am strong and powerful enough.

Pregnancy Affirmations for Baby

  1. I love my baby.
  2. With each day, I come closer to holding my baby.
  3. I am ready to be a wonderful mother to my child.
  4. My baby and I are in harmony.
  5. Everything is worth it for my child.
  6. My baby is healthy and happy.
  7. I am taking care of myself and my baby.
  8. My baby and I are a team.
  9. We can do this!
  10. My baby can feel my love.
  11. My baby will choose the perfect time to be born.
  12. My baby will be born in perfect health.
  13. My baby is the greatest gift of my life.
  14. I can feel my baby's love.

Pregnancy Affirmations for Your Body

  1. My body is beautiful.
  2. My body is more powerful than I know.
  3. I have endless gratitude for my body.
  4. My body's wisdom is divine.
  5. I embrace my body.
  6. My body knows when and how to give birth.
  7. My body is capable of giving birth.
  8. My body is ready to be a mother.
  9. I wholeheartedly trust my body.
  10. I take care of my changing body.
  11. I am proud and in awe of the way my body works.
  12. I will make plenty of breast milk for my baby.

Pregnancy Affirmations for Self-Love

  1. I am worthy. I am strong. I am a mother.
  2. I allow myself to rest and do what I need.
  3. It's okay to take as many breaks as I need to.
  4. I nourish my body and my baby with healthy thoughts and healthy food.
  5. I choose to be kind to myself, my body, and my baby.
  6. I allow others to help me.
  7. I embrace the changes in my body with love.
  8. I love myself for the mother I am becoming.
  9. I try my best to enjoy my pregnancy.
  10. I celebrate myself and my baby every day.
  11. My body is beautiful and incredible.
  12. I am filled with love for my baby and myself.

Pregnancy Affirmations for Confidence

  1. What I am experiencing is extraordinary.
  2. I am strong enough to get through this.
  3. (Your name), you can do this!
  4. All is well.
  5. My baby and I are well.
  6. It's okay to ask for the support I need.
  7. I allow myself to feel afraid because that's okay.
  8. It's okay to not be okay all the time.
  9. I accept labor as the final step to meet my baby.
  10. I am capable of overcoming everything in my way.
  11. I am determined to have a good time.
  12. My baby and I are having fun together.

Affirmations for Birth

  1. I am visualizing my child in my arms.
  2. I can do this, baby!
  3. I’m dilating – there’s plenty of room for my baby.
  4. I dilate easily, effortlessly, and painlessly.
  5. I trust my body and my instincts.
  6. I let go and open up.
  7. I give birth with women all over the world.
  8. I let my uterus work in peace.
  9. I let go and I am safe.
  10. I can handle anything. I know I can.
  11. My baby and I work together during birth.

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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