Sandra's Story - The journey to being grateful

"I just couldn’t feel genuine gratefulness."

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I have been really ungrateful about a lot of things. But, how could I be grateful when I never truly loved my life or myself I never even considered it.

God has been so good to me but I was always so blind to see it, you know why?

I was never opened to see his goodness, his love for me, my family, my education, and life itself.

To be human and capable of making decisions, to have good health, to be alive, none of these occurred to me as special or worthy of giving praise.

I never felt I actually fit in or belonged.

I always needed people’s approval to feel great about myself.

I needed to please people. I hated my life and because of this, I was ungrateful.

Gratitude comes from a place of love and I couldn’t be genuinely grateful because I lacked self-love.

I considered everything unfair; life was unfair, God was unfair, etc.

I feared being judged or not embraced for who I am, in summary, I just couldn’t live as me because I feared people’s opinions about me.

I just couldn’t bring myself to truly feel genuine gratefulness.

This continued for a long time until I started to make decisions for myself. I began my self-love journey.

It was in this self-love journey that I got the Gratitude app.

I became so determined to be a changed person, a better version of myself.

I truly wanted to feel this happiness and feel genuine gratitude for everything. I really wanted to find myself.

The ability to feel grateful is knowing that there’s so much to be grateful for and see how wonderful and beautiful your life is as it is.

To look at yourself and love this creation that you are.

To be open to love the air on your skin, to feel energetic and strengthened. To feel and know that you are truly lucky and your life is so wonderful as it is.

To give every thanks and glory to the source that created you.

To feel grateful is to step into the light even when things aren’t going so smoothly but knowing that this is all to make you stronger and that you will get past it and knowing that your life is great!!!

I am here feeling so grateful because I was determined that 2022 is a year of greatness and fulfillment.

I became so willing to make changes in my life, I needed it so much and yes, I am beginning to feel it.

Trust me it is the most wonderful feeling in the whole wide world…

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