Gratitude Stories: Gratitude in my life

Illustration of an orange and purple smiling cat
Submitted by Alina

Gratitude had come to my life since I found Rhonda Byrne. Her book 'The Secret' was something amazing. I remember it was so interesting to me. I was eager to know more and more. I started to search for material regarding this issue, found another author Vikas Trivedi, joined various apps. I learned a lot. I started to practice gratitude in my life and it became better. I feel it. So circumstances have changed, more happiness, love, success "pour" into my daily activities.

I understood one thing: I am the best in everything. What seemed to be impossible is possible. No limits. I know I can do everything with the help of the Universe and God. My mindset is positive. I accept all that the Universe sends to me. Difficulties make me stronger, and I know my worth. This Gratitude app is like my diary. I put all my feelings, emotions, life events in it. I am so happy that I found it too. THANK YOU❤.

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