110 Vision Board Ideas For All Areas of Life

Here is a list of 110 goals for all areas of life to help you create your vision board seamlessly.

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The vision board, also called a dream board, is a method of putting your goals out into the Universe in the form of photographs and words. Imagine a glorious photo collage that displays you living your most ambitious, most outrageous dreams.

While it's easy to create, for the most part, sometimes getting vision board ideas about what goals to set for each area of your life can be tricky. You have to be really specific. Not to worry, though. We got you covered!

But, before you start, let's prep your mindset to be confident and empowered so that you don't hesitate in setting goals for yourself, but truly believe in your power and endless capabilities.

As you're here, you'll love our course on making your most effective vision board.

Winner Mindset

You are about to lay the foundation of that perfect life that is waiting for you. You can have anything that you want. Think of yourself as that invincible superhero in a movie, standing on top of a skyscraper, your majestic red cape flowing with the wind.

As you create your vision board, really believe in the infinite power of the Universe that is in you. Choose impossible, audacious goals that no one would dare to dream. Go crazy, go limitless.

Nothing can stop you from living your dream life. There are no boundaries. Everything that you want is out there for you to have. You are the creator of your future and you can shape it any way that you want.

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Let's get started! Here is a list of 110 goals for 11 areas of life to help you create your vision board seamlessly.

110 Vision Board Ideas


  1. Athletic Body
  2. 30 Min Meditation
  3. Eat Plant-based for Life
  4. 10K Marathon by Dec 1
  5. Be Obsessively Grateful
  6. 5 AM Club
  7. 10K Steps Everyday
  8. Forever 55 kgs
  9. Race Triathlon by Jan 1


  1. Give TED talk
  2. Lead unicorn startup
  3. Forbes magazine cover
  4. Become CEO
  5. Lunch with Bill Gates
  6. Employ 10,000 people
  7. Customers in every country
  8. Google internship
  9. Get paid $1000/hr
  10. Perform at Madison Square Garden


  1. Travel Business Class
  2. Northern Lights in Iceland
  3. Drink beer at Oktoberfest
  4. Road Trip across Europe
  5. Solo-trip to Thailand
  6. Disneyland
  7. Scuba-dive in Costa Rica
  8. Bungee jump in New Zealand
  9. Snorkel with manta rays in Bora Bora
  10. Visit New York Public Library

Dream Home

  1. Cottage-style Bungalow
  2. Office Workspace
  3. Antique Furniture
  4. Lush Garden
  5. Small Library
  6. Painting Workshop in Garage
  7. Beachside Home
  8. BBQ Parties in Backyard
  9. Pastel-themed Interiors
  10. Home Theatre


  1. Healthy Family
  2. Meet Friends Weekly
  3. Family Trips
  4. Attentive Listening
  5. More Time with Parents
  6. Have Meals Together
  7. More Date Nights
  8. Attend Family Functions
  9. Be Patient
  10. Take More Photographs


  1. $500,000 Monthly Sales
  2. #1 Rank on Google Search
  3. 20x Profits
  4. Customers Love Us
  5. 1M Instagram Followers
  6. Industry Leader
  7. Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  8. 1M Blog Subscribers
  9. Quarterly Company Retreats
  10. Global Office Locations


  1. Debt-free living
  2. Financial Independence by 45
  3. Become a millionaire by 40
  4. Passive Income From Side Hustle
  5. Abundance Mindset
  6. Well Insured
  7. Minimalist Lifestyle
  8. Invest in Startups
  9. Value Investing in Companies
  10. Giving back to a worthwhile cause


  1. Study Abroad
  2. Ace Deadlines
  3. Effective Time Management
  4. Learn New Language
  5. Read 4 Books Weekly
  6. Valedictorian
  7. Hired Before Graduation
  8. Earn PhD
  9. Admission in Harvard
  10. SAT Score Above 1250


  1. Married by 25
  2. Magical Photoshoot
  3. Beachside Engagement
  4. Themed Wedding
  5. First Dance to 'Lover'
  6. 150 Guests Only
  7. Honeymoon in Bali
  8. Handmade Gown
  9. Performances by Family
  10. Bachelorette in Europe

Faith & Spirituality

  1. Active in Church Services
  2. Living Abundantly
  3. Volunteer at Local Organization
  4. Participate in Spiritual Retreat
  5. Confirm your calling
  6. Epitome of Kindness
  7. Mentor one person
  8. Prayer Walk Every Week
  9. Host a Bible Study
  10. Read and Collect Spiritual Books

Material Possessions

  1. All Apple Products
  2. Audi A6
  3. Real Estate Investments
  4. Signed Vinyl Albums
  5. Handwritten Books
  6. Sony Mirrorless Camera
  7. Platinum Jewellery
  8. Rolex Watch
  9. Elie Saab Gown Collection
  10. Commercial Property

That was quite an extensive list, right? I hope it will be useful for you.

Ready to create your board now? Create your vision board in the Visbo - Vision Board app today.

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