100+ Forgiveness Affirmations For Freedom, Healing & Peace

Let's practice forgiveness and move into freedom & peace.

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β€œThe practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”
― Marianne Williamson

Forgiveness is a part of all of our lives. We have all been the givers and receivers of forgiveness. Though it has seeped into our lives, there is discomfort associated with it.

And, it's not fair. Asking for forgiveness takes courage and the awareness that one needs to improve, that we weren't right.

And, giving forgiveness takes strength. In the situation that we are the ones whom we need to forgive, it gets more complicated. So, let's take the help of affirmations here.

Forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves and others. That even if it isn't easy, we are making a choice that will greatly help not only them but ourselves too.

Forgiveness brings peace and freedom.

Also, I want to make it clear that forgiveness is not a substitute for accountability. While advising forgiveness, I want you to maintain your self-respect.

Abusive people must be cut out from your life. And, even if you choose to forgive them so that you can be free, it doesn't translate to reconciling with them.

Same with you, if you have made a mistake, yes, forgive yourself in time, but don't take it as a license to not make amends, ask for forgiveness, improve yourself, and do your best to not repeat it.

I have a post talking about forgiving yourself in-depth if you're interested.

And, with that, let's dive into positive affirmations to help you form a freeing, forgiving mindset that leads to a more peaceful life:

Forgiveness Affirmations

  1. I accept my past.
  2. I have faith in my current and future decisions.
  3. I acknowledge that I did the best I could with what I knew at the time.
  4. I put down the heavy burdens of guilt, fear, and humiliation.
  5. I let go of the past to move forward.
  6. I learn from my mistakes.
  7. I am ready to love myself completely.
  8. By forgiving myself, I am becoming more patient.
  9. I am choosing to treat myself with respect and kindness.
  10. I believe in my ability to create a better future for myself.
  11. I take full responsibility for my past decisions.
  12. I let go of negative, harmful thoughts and habits.
  13. I am free from self-resentment.
  14. I am focusing on the present.
  15. I heal and recover at my own pace.
  16. I forgive myself for my past decisions and actions.
  17. I forgive to set myself free.
  18. I have the courage to recognize the light within myself.
  19. I am capable of healing.
  20. I am a being of love, compassion, and peace.
  21. I trust myself to build a better future.
  22. I am learning and growing every day.
  23. I approach myself with patience and understanding.
  24. I am worthy of healing.
  25. I allow myself to start over.
  26. I have a forgiving heart.
  27. I see the good in others.
  28. I release the past so I can step into the future with pure intentions.
  29. I am capable of moving beyond my mistakes.
  30. I am worthy of all the compassion and kindness life offers me.
  31. I forgive myself one day at a time.
  32. I set my past free and forgive my participation in it.
  33. I trust my present and future decisions based on love and good intentions.
  34. I have the courage to heal and become whole again.
  35. I am treating myself with respect and kindness.
  36. I forgive others as I forgive myself: with ease, sincerity, and loving compassion.
  37. I am willing to live with all of who I am.
  38. I am capable of loving all of who I am.
  39. I go with the flow that life brings me.
  40. I grow more patient and understanding of others by forgiving myself.
  41. I melt into an ocean of love and forgiveness.
  42. I forgive myself so that I can have inner peace.
  43. I am releasing all the resentment from my mind, body, and soul.
  44. I am ready to be healed. I am willing to forgive. All is well.
  45. Each day is filled with new possibilities.
  46. I am a strong, loving, joyful person.
  47. I have a compassionate and forgiving nature.
  48. I forgive you.
  49. I forgive myself.
  50. I bring joy, love, and gratitude to the world.
  51. Through forgiveness, I learn and grow from my mistakes.
  52. All answers come naturally to me.
  53. I am now transforming into the best version of myself.
  54. I am capable of offering unconditional love anytime.
  55. I accept myself with unconditional love and let go of my past.
  56. I give up the hope of a different past by accepting my true past.
  57. All is well between us. Peace be with you.
  58. I am abundant in all aspects of my life.
  59. My heart is free of resentment, anger, and hatred now that I have forgiven those who have hurt me.
  60. I am doing the best I can with what I have.
  61. Each day I am getting better at being a good person.
  62. I am practicing compassion and understanding.
  63. As I let go of the past, I allow new joyful relationships to come in.
  64. I let go of all my expectations of other people and accept them for who they are with unconditional love.
  65. I let go of negative patterns and habits.
  66. I release my past and forgive my participation in it.
  67. I forgive the part of me that holds resentment.
  68. I am free from the prison of resentment.
  69. I can forgive myself, as I would forgive others.
  70. The universe always has my back.
  71. I trust in the universe.
  72. I can help others by learning to forgive.
  73. I am now filling my heart with compassion for others.
  74. I forgive myself for my imperfections.
  75. The forgiveness I give propels me forward.
  76. I am done beating myself up for what has happened in the past.
  77. I am healthy.
  78. I am a pioneer of the future.
  79. As I let go, I feel myself blooming in all areas of my life.
  80. I am creating my future in a loving way.
  81. I forgive myself for my past decisions and actions.
  82. As I forgive others, I am forgiven.
  83. I release all judgment, guilt, and shame.
  84. I move from survival to thriving.
  85. I am grateful for the lessons my mistakes have taught me.
  86. I am at peace and in harmony with myself.
  87. Forgiveness allows me to let go of negative energy and thoughts.
  88. I am choosing to love myself.
  89. Forgiveness gives me freedom.
  90. Forgiveness makes me feel empowered.
  91. By accepting responsibility for what happened, I can achieve personal growth.
  92. I am treating myself with love and respect.
  93. I let go of control.
  94. I am appreciating myself for learning all the good things from the past.
  95. I let go of all the barriers and hurdles that come in my way to success.
  96. I let go of all the negative thoughts that affected my past.
  97. I am trusting the phases of life and releasing the past with ease.
  98. I am grateful for knowing about the reality of many things in my past.
  99. I am releasing all the painful thoughts of my past.
  100. I am converting my past into my future very positively.
  101. I am releasing all the things from my past that are not for me.
  102. I am forgiving myself for my mistakes in my past.
  103. I am now living my life the way I want to.

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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