21-Day Gratitude Challenge to Build the Habit of Being Grateful

Take this simple gratitude challenge and kickstart your journaling journey.

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It is widely believed that it takes a minimum of 21 days for a habit to take shape in our lives. So, today I bring to you a simple 21-day Gratitude Challenge that will help you,

  1. Build the habit of being grateful
  2. Start appreciating the little things in life
  3. Practice gratitude journaling

I've designed this challenge to be taken by anyone, so if you are very new to gratitude, it's suitable for you.

In fact, getting into gratitude with a challenge like this is a great idea!

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is the feeling and expression of the awareness of blessings that one has in the form of qualities, lessons, people, achievements, possessions, support, privileges, experiences, and gifts. Gratitude is often related to humility, generosity, and mindfulness.

Gratitude has several positive health benefits:

  1. Feel more positive emotions
  2. Build healthier relationships
  3. Feel happier
  4. Increase in self-esteem
  5. Increase optimism
  6. Reduces materialism
  7. Reduces depressive symptoms
  8. Improves sleep
  9. Helps in substance abuse recovery

It’s quite surprising, isn’t it? Something as simple as being grateful for what we have and receive can have such a multitude of positive impacts. But, at the same time, it’s very obvious.

In moments of genuine, overflowing happiness, we have felt grateful.

β€œIn daily life, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.”
― Brother David Steindl-Rast

With that, here is your 21-day Gratitude Challenge:

21-Day Gratitude Challenge

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Here are the things you can keep in mind regarding the gratitude challenge.

  1. The challenge is journaling-based. You can use a digital journal or a physical one to practice it.
  2. Each day's prompt will have a link with it. This link will open up that particular prompt in the Gratitude Journal app, where you can write your entry seamlessly (and also add photos with it).
  3. The course is best completed in the span of 21 days so try to be regular. In case you miss a day, make up for it in the next one.
  4. An example entry is provided after each day's prompt to help guide you. You can get an idea from these examples and expand upon it.
  5. Don't worry about writing perfect entries. Write what comes naturally to you. Try to go into detail as much as you can.
  6. The most important tip is to write genuinely. Don't try to feign feelings. Express gratitude in the most genuine way.
  7. It's recommended to do your daily prompt in the morning as it sets you up for the day. But, you know what will best suit you. Try to find a 5-10 minute block of time in your day where you can breathe, reflect, and write freely.

Here are your daily prompts:

Day 1

Express gratitude for an activity that you enjoy doing.

Example: I really enjoy cycling in the morning before work. I am blessed to live in an area that has a lake nearby.

I meet the animals around. The cool wind makes me feel fresh. I'm grateful for this.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 2

Write a letter of gratitude to someone that you love.

Example: Dear Alex, I love you for being the best part of my life. Ever since I've been with you, it's easier to feel happy.

You are the greatest blessing I have received and I love taking care of you. Thank you for choosing and trusting me. Love, Aarushi

🌻 Prompt link

Day 3

Express gratitude for an important life lesson that you have learned.

Example: An important life lesson that I've learned is that if you live by principles it becomes very easy to shape your reality to it.

Since I have set foundational principles in my life, I naturally make choices that keep me in the right direction.

I feel really happy as I am the person that I want to be.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 4

Pick a recent photo from your gallery and write why you are thankful for it.

Example: I am grateful for the photograph of Alex sleeping on his new bed that we got yesterday.

His older one had become small for him. As I put his bed on the floor, he only took two seconds to smell it and sit on it comfortably.

The orange matches his eyes and the grey matches his harness. Looking at him feeling comfortable, healthy, and peaceful makes me feel really grateful and happy.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 5

What is something that makes you feel proud? Express gratitude for it.

Example: Something that makes me feel proud is that I am capable of supporting people in my life and contributing to good causes.

I support my family, am a virtual parent to 3 animals in different cities, and volunteer to help someone out when they need it. It's a true blessing.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 6

What is something that you have let go of in your life and that has had a positive impact?

Example: I have let go of the pressure of appearances.

I am grateful that I now embrace and express myself, make choices that work for me and the good of the environment, speak up for what I believe in, and don't worry about fulfilling standards.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 7

Express gratitude for someone who helped you out recently.

Example: I am grateful to Divij for helping me out with my ITR filing. It really helped me and empowered me to take further steps that I had not taken before.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 8

Think about a good memory that brings a smile to your face, and write about why it's special to you.

Example: There are many good memories that come to my mind. The one that I've picked is when Bullet was smaller.

He used to barely reach my face with his paws and snout in the middle of the night to tell me he was hungry.

He was so little and he is so grown now. I always remember those days with a loving softness in my heart.

He is the first puppy I rescued and I love him completely.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 9

What is something that you like about nature? What does it make you feel?

Example: I love nature. I revere nature. I am so grateful for how forgiving nature has been to humankind.

The way that we learn so much from it. How beautiful it is. How powerful. How peaceful.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 10

Express gratitude for something that makes you feel comfortable.

Example: I am grateful for The Office. I watch it every day at night.

It makes me laugh every time, every though I keep rewatching.

I am so grateful for everyone who's made it possible for me to see it.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 11

What are the things that you like about your city/town/village? Why do you like them?

Example: I like that Dehradun is a small city. I like that it has places like Buddha Temple, FRI, IMA, Rajpur Road, and Mussoorie in it.

I am grateful for how it has taken care of me since I've been born. I am grateful that so many of the people I love live here.

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Day 12

What are the things that you like about your home? Why do you like them?

Example: I like that my home has a peaceful environment. My friends come here and always say that they like how it feels to be here. I am blessed.

🌻 Prompt link

Day 13

What are the things that you like about your best friend? Why do you like them?

Example: I have more than one best friend. I'll write about Elyza for now. I really admire how strong, intelligent, and loving she is.

I am really grateful for how genuinely and powerfully she cares about me. We've been friends for a long time and I know it will last forever.

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Day 14

Write about a movie/series/book that you like. What are your favorite parts about it?

Example: I am grateful for Better Call Saul. The final season is going on right now and I eagerly wait for the new episode every week.

It is such a masterpiece. The whole team is so talented.

It's a magnificent feat that they make something so powerful on its own when Breaking Bad is already the greatest show of all time.

I am grateful that I can witness it.

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Day 15

Express gratitude for a piece of technology that makes your life easier.

Example: I am grateful for my laptop. I really adore it.

It lets me do work that helps me earn a living and also watch what I want to.

I am blessed to have such a great device.

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Day 16

What is a quality that you appreciate about yourself? How has it helped you in life?

Example: I appreciate that I am compassionate. I appreciate that I look after others naturally. I appreciate that doing good makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

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Day 17

What is a privilege that you enjoy in your life that you might have not expressed gratitude for?

Example: I am grateful for my parents.

They are really great people and have taken amazing care of me while making me into a person I respect.

I am grateful that I live with them.

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Day 18

Express gratitude for something that you use every day but have not been consciously grateful for.

Example: I am grateful for my headphones. As I write right now, they're helping me by playing focus music.

I use them every day, and they have been a good friend to me. They play songs I love, series I enjoy, and videos I learn from.

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Day 19

What is something that you're grateful for in your body, and why?

Example: I am grateful for how generously my body supports me. I am blessed to be fully healthy and have the ability to do the things I want.

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Day 20

Express gratitude for being alive and experiencing the gift of life.

Example: I am grateful to be alive, yes. I live such a rich, beautiful life with the people I love.

I get to experience the company of loving, innocent animals, and the blessing of nature. I get to experience emotions. It's a privilege...

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Day 21

Express gratitude to Mother Earth and how miraculously she cares for us and supports our lives.

Example: Thank you, Mother Earth for the life you have given us. Even though we desperately need to do better, you have given us everything we need.

You are kind and infinitely wise. I am blessed to be your child.

I promise that I will always make decisions keeping your welfare in mind.

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And, that's it! I hope you enjoy taking this challenge. Invite your friends to do the same by sharing this post with them. I wish you the best!

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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