70+ Beauty Affirmations to Feel As Beautiful As You Are

You really are beautiful just as you are.

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We all would love to feel beautiful. Whether or not we agree, you gotta admit that when someone tells us that we look beautiful, we feel great. Just look at this video where a girl tells people in her high school that they are beautiful. Their faces light up, some of them feel shy, and some don't believe her.

When we feel beautiful, we feel confident about ourselves. Think about a day when you knew you looked good. Didn't that awareness make you feel so much better and bright in your heart?

Beauty is of course a lot more than how we look but to a lot of us, how we look matters. I want you to feel beautiful. I want you to know that you are beautiful.

With these beauty affirmations, I hope that you can know in your heart that you are beautiful as you are. You don't have to have a small nose, big lips, and God knows what else to be beautiful. I hope that you feel beautiful without needing someone else to tell you that you are.

We all look unique. We are all different. No one is better than another. It is all perception. I feel beautiful by knowing that it is my actions and character that make me beautiful. When I see my face and think of my good qualities, I see beauty.

You don't have to change yourself to be beautiful. Just take care of your health. Maintain good hygiene. Have love in your heart. Embrace yourself. And know that you are enough. The beauty standards are not above you. No mean comment defines you. You are so much more than that.

And with that, here are your beauty affirmations:

Beauty Affirmations

  1. I am a unique work of art, and every part of me tells a beautiful story.
  2. I am beautiful just as I am.
  3. I am a beautiful human being, inside and out.
  4. My smile lights up the world.
  5. My face is radiant.
  6. My face exudes the light in my soul.
  7. I know I am beautiful as I am.
  8. I feel confident in myself.
  9. My body is a work of art.
  10. My body is a piece of magic.
  11. I am proud of my body.
  12. I am grateful to my body for giving me life every moment.
  13. My body is beautiful.
  14. Every part of me is beautiful.
  15. The beauty of my heart reflects on my face.
  16. The things that make me different are what make me pretty.
  17. I embrace all of me.
  18. I release judgement and appreciate myself for who I am.
  19. All of me is beautiful.
  20. I look amazing!
  21. Knowing that I am beautiful is enough.
  22. I release the need for people's validation.
  23. I am enough as I am.
  24. I am good enough.
  25. I am beautiful enough.
  26. Everyone is beautiful.
  27. My unique features make me beautiful.
  28. There is only one face like me and I admire that.
  29. Feeling happy makes me even more beautiful.
  30. My goodness makes me beautiful.
  31. I define myself, no one else.
  32. I choose to be beautiful.
  33. My beauty is all about me.
  34. I am above trying to fit into ever-chaging beauty standards.
  35. I make my own definition of beauty.
  36. I let my actions express how beautiful I am.
  37. I feel great today.
  38. I respect my body enough to not compare it to others.
  39. I respect myself and everyone else.
  40. Someone else's beauty doesn't reduce mine.
  41. I am blessed to be so beautiful.
  42. I see my beauty and appreciate it happily.
  43. I only need my own validation.
  44. I am stronger than bullies.
  45. I am stronger than mean faces and comments.
  46. I never ruin my day because of someone's silly behaviour.
  47. I allow myself to feel beautiful.
  48. I bless the world with my beauty.
  49. I am always beautiful.
  50. I take care of my body and it makes me more beautiful.
  51. I celebrate my unique beauty.
  52. My beauty is my crown.
  53. Every moment, I am naturally beautiful.
  54. I radiate beauty through my actions and words.
  55. My shine is eternal.
  56. I love myself and embrace my beauty.
  57. I'm the only one of me and I celebrate that.
  58. I carry myself with grace.
  59. My smile grows my beauty.
  60. My laugh is beautiful.
  61. There are no imperfections.
  62. As I see beauty in myself, I see beauty in others too.
  63. My joy makes me beautiful.
  64. My love for others makes me beautiful.
  65. My face is beautiful.
  66. I choose to appreciate myself.
  67. I overcome negative self-talk and embrace all of me.
  68. I am attractive.
  69. I am gorgeous.
  70. I am spectacular.
  71. I am amazing.
  72. I am confident.
  73. My confidence makes me more attractive.
  74. Knowing myself makes me beautiful.
  75. I am stunning.
  76. I am breathtaking.
  77. I am delightful.
  78. My beauty is enchanting.
  79. My beautiful soul reflects on my beautiful body.
  80. My excellent mind makes me more beautiful.
  81. My intelligence makes me more attractive.
  82. There is magic in my beauty.
  83. The right people find me beautiful and that's more than enough.
  84. I am fantastic.
  85. I am beautiful every day.

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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