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Career Affirmations

Our careers are an important aspect of our lives.

We have so many different entry points to it, and it evolves in various forms.

Today, let's wish well for our careers through positive affirmations.

These affirmations are focused on an abundant, happy, fulfilling, and successful career.

Here are the career affirmations:

  1. I love my career as it allows me to grow as well as makes me financially abundant.
  2. I am able to balance my career with my family life so that both are in harmony with each other.
  3. My job is offering me great career prospects, promotional opportunities, and monetary compensation.
  4. I am a valued person at my workplace and my voice is always heard respectfully.
  5. I am happy that the work I do benefits me as well as the society I live in.
  6. I have the skills I need to step up in my career.
  7. My dream job is on its way to me.
  8. I am creating my dream career.
  9. I am attracting amazing career opportunities.
  10. I am achieving my career goals.

Wisdom and Self-Help Tips

14 Ways to Invest in Yourself for a Successful Future

The word invest is closely related to money. But it isn’t limited to it.

Investing is defined as putting money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or gain an advantage.

The core of investing I think is intelligent hope.

We make contributions so that they will likely reap rewards in the future and ensure a much better outcome than if we had not.

But, what about ourselves? How can you invest in yourself?

Here’s my take:

Investing in yourself is putting time, energy, and attention into activities that will shape you into a happy, peaceful, wise, and successful person.

And, with that, let us now learn how we can begin to invest in ourselves.

Read about the 14 ways to invest in yourself here:

14 Ways to Invest in Yourself for a Successful Future
Tips on how you can sow the seeds of a wonderful future.

Inspirational Stories of Gratitude

Candace's Story - My journey to love

This week, I want to share Candace's story with you.

It's a story about how, with a grateful heart, we can overcome even the toughest of trauma and learn to cope with it.

Candace has also shared her tips that I found quite helpful.

"At the age of 21, I was a student at Louisiana State University about to go through the most horrific and traumatic thing one could think of.

My brother had shot and killed my boyfriend and then turned the gun on himself in the middle of a restaurant where I thought they were meeting to β€œwork things out.”

I remember waking up the morning after struggling with reality and I decided to seek mental health help right away."

Tap below to read Candace's full story:

Candace’s Story - My journey to love
β€œAt the age of 21, I was about to go through the most traumatic thing one could think of.”

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