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"I realized what was missing in me."

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Dearest grateful people,

I am extremely thrilled and overjoyed as I write this and wanted to share every bit of the magical changes that came my way by practicing a simple routine of being mindful, conscious, and practicing gratitude.

Trust me on this, every word on this paper comes straight from my heart. If you are reading this today through any medium, I wish you loads of love and light, and I hope you experience the same joy by sticking to this simple practice of gratitude.

At first, I thought not to write about this. I felt it was a normal thing that everybody practices. But my intentions were so pure that I couldn't resist penning it down. So, here it goes.

A few years back, in 2020, I formally started the journey of journaling through this app. Each reflection, prompt, and affirmation made me realize how much we matter in the world.

Sometimes, I felt too much pressure from others or external materialism, which made me fail to acknowledge the pressure and pain within myself.

We always try to present our best selves to others, but for what? At the cost of what in return? A few lines of appreciation? Why can't we become the owners of our own minds? Why can't we try to impress ourselves by investing in ourselves, our minds, our thoughts, and our bodies?

I was always an excellent student in college, passing all exams with distinction. But I failed to enjoy the essence of what student life feels like, and perhaps because of that, life afterward was a reflection of it.

Just going and moving... it was only after I started journaling that I realized what was missing in me - the thought of myself as a person, as an individual, as a contributor of kindness and good service to others.

This led me here today, spreading awareness that being mindful is the need of the hour. Looking within ourselves may sound easy through meditation, but if you truly want to experience living in your inner world, start looking for joy in every single thing possible around you.

Here are a few tips that worked for me:

  1. In the morning, find the quietest corner, and for 2 minutes, affirm to yourself, "You got this." What a beautiful day to start with! You are adorable and experiencing the perfect day of your life. You are unstoppable and an infinite source of power. Your presence lights up the room, making others feel heard, seen, comfortable, and at ease.
  2. Whenever you feel down, read something random, any article, philosophy, horror, thriller, romance, well-being, business - anything that comes your way. Reflect on your thoughts and take a few deep breaths, and trust me, the solution will come to you automatically.
  3. Hug yourself often, close your eyes, and visualize that you have achieved the target of the day by making one person happier without expecting anything in return from others.
  4. Spend time in nature, exercise, stay hydrated, meditate, pray, help others, listen to them, smile, say thank you, forgive yourself, take risks at times, and most importantly, believe in magic. I did, and I know it's magical.

I would conclude with one of the famous Oogway sayings (from Kung Fu Panda): "There's a saying, my friend: Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today, today is a gift, and that is why we call it the present."

Imagine if we get a brand new present from Allah every day. Let's cherish it and express gratitude for it.

Love and more love to all, Mizba

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Team Gratitude

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