Ema's Story - Gratefulness made my soul strong

Here is a real-life inspirational story of gratitude by Ema.

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Gratitude- such a small word that holds in it so much power.

Personally, I think I dismissed it because, to me, it seemed to be somewhat overused- be grateful, #grateful, or " feeling grateful".

I had no clue what I was missing. I am one of those people who feel everything with a consuming intensity that used to leave me exhausted.

And because I had a propensity towards sadness, I felt that one feeling until I thought it would break me. All I ever wanted was to feel contentment and joy.

At first, I made the very obvious mistake of attaching my contentment and joy to things, experiences, achieving goals, etc. Now I know it has nothing to do with what is out there, rather what happens in here.

I found the secret to a life full of contentment and joy although not a lot has changed out there in terms of acquiring new things or getting that promotion or visiting that new place.

The secret is, I am deliberately looking for something to be grateful for every day and I write it down. I relate to it the same as one does to go to the gym. At the gym, I train my muscles and I make my body strong.

But my daily "hunt" for the good and beautiful trained my soul bit by bit without me even realizing it and made it resilient and strong.

It completely changed the way I do life. I lost my mum not so long ago but that experience has not broken me.

And to my shock, I found myself smiling through the tears, soon after the funeral, because I remembered the good. I keep finding all sorts of ways to remember the good and the beautiful from what I had with my mum.

And I know this is what gratefulness achieved in me. I read once a quote by Glennon Doyle Melton.

She was saying that "life is brutal and beautiful, life is brutiful." Daily gratefulness trained my soul to also see the beautiful not just the brutal.

I love this app. I love the options. I love getting to read other people's journeys into gratefulness. I love that I can personalize it. This app is my "soul gym".

If I go through a difficult moment in a day, I stop get the app out and write an affirmation, or I read a quote. And I immediately feel stronger.

Thank you for creating this app. And yeah, I am one of those people now #grateful😊

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