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As with a lot of people during this pandemic, I found myself with more time alone, and less supportive activities than ever before. No long lunches with a wide variety of friends, no more gym, way fewer outings, and too much time to think.

Add the news - constantly reminding us how dangerous it is to be out, how many people are in ICU, and constant and scary international unrest - well I found my thoughts in a downward spiral.

I had to take charge and find new ways to cope with stress and worry. At a bit of a loss, I started with the basics. Less processed food, and yoga. I added an elliptical routine and stopped watching those fun but violent TV shows.

But I knew I still needed to find ways to consciously think better thoughts, and so I went on the hunt for an app - there's one for everything now, right? I tried several before I landed on the Gratitude app.

The way it asks you to recognize good things that are personal and heartfelt in small bite-sized pieces is perfect for me.

I can commit to taking 2 or 3 minutes several times a day, and it has helped me to program a regular feeling of gratitude that is slowly and surely changing my whole mindset.

I feel better in the mornings, and now look around when I open my eyes for something good. I feel less edgy and can call good things to my mind easily because I'm 'exercising' my gratitude muscle regularly.

It's impossible to not function better when you feel better, and that is what Gratitude has done for me. I'm happier, more conscious of how I'm viewing things, and able to control my thoughts better.

And I have a new skill and coping mechanism to help me function a whole lot better within this crazy time (and forever after!). Thank you, Gratitude, for a wonderful product and a real life-changer for me.

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Team Gratitude

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