Destiny's Story - We did it! This is the life worth living 💖

"We all were fighting something but the main thing is did you overcome it?"

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It all started in confusion before Gratitude. I went to church every Sunday and even switched churches then went back to the church (with a different pastor) I started at while also going to different churches along the way.

It still didn’t help, but the church is where I showed my gifts and I’m grateful for that. I loved hard and I blessed people with my anointed gifts from God.

So many things happened in those temples and really I didn’t learn much while I was there. My first pastor seemed kind but I was too young to care and I still noticed things there and wherever I went.

The second and third pastor had their hands in way too much, with questionable actions, and always seemed to have separate intentions when you sought help.

The school system failed me but it’s okay because reading was cool and I learned a lot about people and how certain teachers don’t mean well. It all made me strong.

Work wasn’t a place that helped me, just kept me busy and hurt me cause they had problems too. People still setting me up to fail all over. It was sad.

I used to cry in the aisle at work and felt like I couldn’t catch a break, but the truth is I gave out trust too easily when I should’ve put trust in God. It made me even stronger. Don’t get me wrong, I ran from the church but the church is still with me, obviously.

My past taught me a lot about the good and bad things in life and the things and people I kept near. We all were fighting something but the main thing is did you overcome it?

The good and bad things are all beautiful in the end just learn to move past them. Accept it for what it was and make room by clearing out the trauma and drama the best way you can by doing the things that you love and that are healthy.

Another thing was, I never had real friends, maybe some people that were good acquaintances but never friends.

I only knew how to treat people like family and most of them took advantage of me, but the beauty was I remained who I am today and the pain didn’t take over my life.

My dad warned me and I didn’t listen but the truth is I didn’t need them. I have family that’s there for me, they’ve always been there. We’re perfect for each other enough to understand and always there!

For the longest time, I was on a search for happiness as I got old enough to be on my own and kept learning through trial and error, I learned the kingdom of heaven is within.

I learned the temple, the church, and the home I was looking for was within me. I finally found it! I had to set boundaries and apply them, with no excuses. That's how balance comes in and stays. Also, find the ones worth fighting for.

I read the Bible on my own and study it for myself even with family, learning more than what any of the latest pastors preached about, their greed for tithes and offerings, they are calling out people to prove a point or whatever was to feed their ego.

They are fighting demons of their own and I realized God wasn’t really within as much as they acted like God was.

Best believe now I am living in my truest power, my own power! I am 25 and living out my truth with my family beside me and vice versa. I’m winning, and so is my family. We are the lottery tickets.

We moved to Sunset Beach and make a beautiful amount of wealth off of blessed properties and businesses together and individually, Nothing can stop us.

I’m grateful for God’s beauty, the message in the lesson I had to learn through trials, temptations, and tribulations was my victory. I got evidence and confidence.

I’m finally free, doing what I love, living in my own truth and happiness. Thank God for saving me! The good life is before you my people, you just got to believe and never give up on the good in your life. Love, your neighbor!

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