100+ Journal Prompts for Couples to Be Happier Together

Love is beautiful and it needs our effort.

Love is beautiful, a blessing, exciting, and a lot of good things. And love requires time, effort, honesty, and commitment. At the start, relationships seem to carry themselves fuelled by ecstatic emotions, tingling sensations, and surprising discoveries. With time, however, couples have to deal with the other things life brings: conflict, work, time constraints, boredom, tiredness, different choices, mistakes, and a lot more. All of these things test us and our relationship. They also help us look at the health of our relationship and decide what to do.

Amidst all this, couples that want to last have to choose to bring in moments of comfort to each other so that they can wage through whatever life throws at them together. If there are no breaks or relief from troubles, how can we be happy? A healthy relationship is where both partners can be a safe haven for each other despite what might be going on in their lives.

To become and stay a comfort to each other and be happy together, we need to find and honor the needs of our partners. One of the ways to give love to your significant other and also learn more about them is by doing journal prompts for couples!

These relationship journal prompts will help you,

  1. Express the different ways that you appreciate your partner. So many things are left unsaid that shouldn't be because it would make the other person feel so special if we said them. Journaling will help you do just that.
  2. Feel closer and more in love with your partner. Even if you are the only person doing this, giving focus to the beauty of your partner and your relationship will surely make you feel really loved!
  3. Communicate better with each other. Journaling can help you uncover some of the needs or underlying issues in the relationship that you can then address together.
  4. Understand yourself and your partner more.
  5. Build more trust for each other by being honest and vulnerable.
  6. Get a better view of the health of your relationship. This will help you not take things for granted and see how happy you and your partner are in the relationship.
  7. Create a wonderful experience together. Chances are you won't do all of the prompts at once. This activity will require you to keep a journal together or individually. In any case, this will be a memento to look back on and solidify the love between the two of you.

How to do journal prompts for couples

  1. You can either start this on your own and then have your partner do it too, or you can do this together. It depends on your situation.
  2. If you're doing it together, you can share a journal but if having separate journals is more convenient and lets you journal freely, go with that option. You can use an app like Gratitude or go with the physical journal option.
  3. You can do one prompt every day or pick up the ones that connect with you and do them at once.
  4. Basically, there's no one right way. You can tailor this activity according to your needs and what fits best in your relationship.
  5. Most importantly, be honest, don't worry about writing perfect words, and express your feelings as they are.

With that, let's delve into journal prompts for couples that will help you be happier and closer together, feeling more fulfilled in your relationship.

Journal Prompts for Couples

  1. How did you feel when you first met your significant other?
  2. Describe 10 little things that you love about your partner.
  3. Write about the things that make your partner unique in your eyes.
  4. Describe your dream home together in detail and what makes it perfect for both of you.
  5. Why did you fall in love with your partner?
  6. Write about the ways that your partner has made your life better.
  7. What do you love to do with your partner?
  8. What do you love about your relationship?
  9. How fulfilled do you feel in your relationship?
  10. Are there some things about your partner or your relationship that have been lingering on your mind?
  11. What are the ways that your partner makes you feel special?
  12. What are your three favorite qualities about your partner?
  13. What does your partner do that makes you feel truly loved by them?
  14. Write about the hobbies you love to share with your partner.
  15. What are some skills your partner has that you find really attractive?
  16. Reflect on a recent challenge you faced together. How did you overcome it, and what did you learn?
  17. Write about a special memory you share with your partner and what makes it meaningful to you.
  18. What are three things you appreciate about your partner today?
  19. Describe a time when you felt truly heard and understood by your partner. What made that experience special?
  20. Share something you've been hesitant to discuss with your partner. What are your fears?
  21. Write about a misunderstanding or disagreement you've had recently. How do you think you can work together to prevent or better handle similar conflicts in the future?
  22. What activities or rituals do you enjoy doing together that help you feel closer?
  23. Describe your ideal date night or weekend getaway.
  24. What are some of the goals you share together and how are they meaningful to you?
  25. Write a love letter to your partner.
  26. Reflect on a time when your partner went out of their way to make you feel loved and appreciated. How did it make you feel?
  27. Make a list of activities or adventures you'd like to experience together in the future.
  28. Write about the parts of your relationship that you think or wish could be better.
  29. What do you wish your partner understood about you?
  30. Write about a moment when you felt pleasantly surprised by your partner.
  31. Initially, what made you feel attracted to your partner?
  32. Share a funny or embarrassing moment you've had together.
  33. Describe a perfect day you'd love to have with your partner.
  34. Is there something that your relationship lacks?
  35. Is there something that you think your partner and you should work on?
  36. Is there something about your partner that you wish they worked on?
  37. Reflect on how your relationship has evolved over time. What strengths have emerged, and how have you grown as individuals and as a couple?
  38. What are some ways that you both show love to each other?
  39. What's a small gesture your partner does that always makes you smile?
  40. Share one of your favorite inside jokes with your partner and why it's special to you.
  41. Reflect on a time when you felt proud of your partner's accomplishments.
  42. How do you prioritize quality time together despite busy schedules? Is there something that could make it better?
  43. Describe a shared hobby or interest you've recently discovered together.
  44. Write about a dream vacation you both hope to take someday.
  45. Write about a beautiful moment from a past anniversary or birthday celebration.
  46. Reflect on a time when your partner's support helped you through a tough situation.
  47. Share your favorite activity to do together on lazy weekends.
  48. Write about qualities in your partner that make them your best friend.
  49. Reflect on a recent milestone in your relationship and what makes it important.
  50. Write about a special song that holds significance for both of you and why.
  51. Is there a fear in your heart that you wish to or wish you could share with your partner?
  52. Share a childhood memory that shaped your views on love and relationships.
  53. Write about some important things you've learned from your partner.
  54. What has been your partner's influence on the person you've grown into?
  55. Are there parts of your relationship that trouble you or make you feel like you're settling without satisfaction?
  56. What are your views on how a relationship should be and how close is your current relationship to that?
  57. Reflect on a time when you felt truly understood and accepted by your partner.
  58. Write about a habit or routine you've developed together that brings you joy.
  59. Reflect on a time when you felt proud to introduce your partner to someone new.
  60. Describe a moment when your partner's kindness touched your heart.
  61. Describe a special talent or skill your partner has that you admire.
  62. Share a fond memory from your early days of dating.
  63. How proud do you feel to be with your partner?
  64. Reflect on a time when you both faced difficulties and how it shaped your relationship.
  65. Describe a time when your partner's trust and unwavering belief in you made a difference in your life.
  66. Share a favorite memory from a past vacation or trip you took together.
  67. Describe a time when your partner's courage inspired you to face your fears.
  68. What are the ways that your partner inspires you?
  69. Reflect on a time when you both overcame a disagreement and grew closer as a result.
  70. Is there any resentment that you're holding towards your partner that shows up in times of conflict?
  71. Write about a time when you're partner was really thoughtful of your needs.
  72. Reflect on a time when your partner's resilience inspired you during a tough time.
  73. Write about why you believe your relationship is worth fighting for.
  74. Write about the changes you've noticed in yourself since your relationship began.
  75. Do you feel energized or drained after interacting with your partner?
  76. Do you feel you each have enough alone time and individual hobbies?
  77. Are you satisfied with the level of intimacy you share with your partner?
  78. Describe a time when your partner did not show up for you as much as you needed them to and how they can improve this in the future.
  79. When your partner makes a mistake, do they apologize in a way that comforts you? Is there something that they can do better?
  80. How do you think you and your partner are at resolving conflicts? Do the arguments get heated? Does the problem get truly resolved or just shoved under the rug?
  81. Reflect on a time when you both celebrated a major milestone together and how it felt.
  82. Describe a time when you both danced together. How did it make you feel when you think about it?
  83. Reflect on a time when you both tried something new together.
  84. Do you feel your relationship has the spark still or it has become stale in some areas? Describe how you feel in detail before going to solutions.
  85. Write about a dream you have for your relationship in the years to come.
  86. Reflect on a time when your partner surprised you with a thoughtful gift.
  87. Describe a place you both love visiting together.
  88. Share a favorite recipe you both enjoy cooking together and why it's special.
  89. Write about a romantic gesture your partner made that took your breath away.
  90. What has your partner taught you about love?
  91. Describe a recent moment when you felt deeply connected with your partner.
  92. Write about a small gesture your partner does that makes you feel loved and appreciated.
  93. What is something you would like to do together on a regular basis?
  94. What is a change or new habit that you think your relationship could benefit from?
  95. What are some things you want to bring back to your relationship?
  96. What are some things you want to remove from your relationship?
  97. What is your biggest turn-on?
  98. Write 10 words to describe your partner.
  99. What worries do you have in your relationship right now?
  100. Describe your first date, how you felt, and all the things you did.
  101. Which of your partner’s opinions do you find upsetting? How does this make you feel?
  102. Write about your most annoying habits from your partner’s perspective.
  103. What are the strengths of your relationship?
  104. What are some unresolved issues in your relationship?
  105. Why do you love being with your partner?

And, that's it! Phew, I honestly didn't think I'd be able to come up with so many prompts but once I started they kept rolling in! I wish you happiness and fulfillment in your relationship. Blessings to both of you. Do share this post with a friend who might find it helpful or your partner! Cheers!

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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