Marcy's Story - I am grateful

"I don't know why I hated myself so much..."

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The past two to three years have been very rough and difficult for me. It was the most difficult period of my life.

When I was in eleventh grade, I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia, I had stomach gases, and my blood was too thick, causing my pulse rate to be very high. I was taken to different hospitals and given different medications, but all in vain. During that period, I was not going to school. Many people did not care about me. I felt like they were happy I was sick.

My parents struggled so much; they worked hard trying to figure out a solution because I was not getting better. My condition reached a point where my lungs were getting blocked, and I couldn't breathe properly. I was so depressed and tired. I felt like everything crumbled down, and no one could help me. I cried day and night, and to make things worse, my parents were not financially stable at that time to buy the expensive medication.

I started to criticize myself; I don't know why I hated myself so much. I despised myself.

I decided to help myself emotionally and mentally. I searched for apps that helped people have a positive mindset and express their feelings, and that was when I found the gratitude journal. At first, I doubted the app, but as time went by, I began to appreciate the small moments we have and what others do for us.

My gratitude journal has been wonderful all the way. Although I haven't healed physically, I can say with much confidence that I have developed more self-love and a positive mindset. The gratitude journal app has now become important to me.

Thank you all for creating such a sweet and wonderful app.

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