Prabha's Story - My cup runneth over!

"We are responsible to make our destiny."

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Gratitude in my life is just like a diya (lamp), the shine of which, always inspires me to see the light no matter how much darkness is there.

I consider it one of the most important virtues that everyone should practice.

The most effective ones are the 'AFFIRMATIONS'.

Every thought of us contains certain energy and vibrations, the quality of our thoughts decides what kind of person we are going to be.

Gratitude is focusing on the blessings that we already have while pursuing what we desire.

At some point in life, every one of us feels the deficit or the lack, but being grateful and thankful at every moment gives us the push to thrive over any challenge.

During my journey, I always realize that gratitude possesses so much fullness and strength that it can fill any empty vessel in our life.

Be it a lost opportunity, the end of a relationship, or any hard time we can think of.

A diya (lamp)

One of the strategies I always opt to see through the lens of gratitude is to enlist the blessings I have, how far I come and the small efforts I made till now to reach where am now.

We should always remember that there are so many people out there who are not even able to manage their basic essential needs.

The dearth of others always drives me to be thankful for all that I have - be it a healthy body, a happy home, a beautiful family, mother nature, and most importantly, LIFE itself.

Sometimes we are stuck so much about the so-called problems that we are just unable to appreciate the small things in our life that are absolutely not the ones that are meant for taking granted.

The Gratitude app's affirmations amazingly strengthen different spheres of life.

I have my own set of affirmations along with the ones already in the app.

It's a great start for me in the morning.

I just want to draw your attention that we are responsible to make our destiny as what we believe, what we think the same will manifest in reality.

Repeating affirmations is the simplest way to do this.

"The grass is greener where we water it."

So kindly water on the right thinking by right affirmations for the right kind of life.

Always be grateful where you are, as it always gives you the thrust where you want to be and it always keeps your cup of life full of abundance and prosperity.

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Team Gratitude

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