Sanelisiwe's Story - Gratitude Is Golden

"It has completely reframed my mind and shrunk the negativity inside it."

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I reached a stage in my life where I wanted change and growth. I felt like l was stuck and l needed to change.

To tell you the truth, I believe in manifestations because when I told myself that I want better, I kept being drawn to better. I came across so many self-help books I could have drowned in them.

I kept reading any self-help book l came across and they all had one subject that they never left out - Gratitude. So, it was like, "You again!" whenever l came across it.

I got curious and at some point started practicing it. At first, it felt forced and staged. Everything in me kept screaming, "Stop it, Nana! You are not a grateful person." I didn't give up.

I kept on using it. I used to wake up every morning and try to be happy and grateful. I would at least count ten things I was grateful for.

Some other days it used to be so intense I would even cry and the thing with gratitude is that it's an emotion. It's not just words. You feel it when it hits the spot.

At that time, I was not working. I was at home and I used to feel like my life was just stagnant, but things moved with gratitude.

It reframed my mindset. Instead of being frustrated that I wasn't working, I became grateful for all the time I was getting to take care of myself, take care of my uncle and my siblings, read a certain book, meditate, and affirm.

Things became better because of a new mindset that l adapted due to gratitude. It has completely reframed my mind and shrunk the negativity inside it.

I am not saying that I don't become negative sometimes but it's getting better and I understand that this whole thing is a process. I wake up every day seeking for better, and with gratitude in my mind I know I can take over the world.

There are days when my gratitude is so intense that I feel ecstasy. It would be like I am high. I like the fact that it brings so much happiness.

Whenever my gratitude becomes intense it always does wonders. I remember someone bought me a bag, someone sent me money, sometimes I meet people l haven't seen for years, I become grateful for compliments, how beautiful the weather is when my favorite song plays on TV.

Sometimes I get a lesson that adds to my growth, sometimes l get an idea that will improve my life. The newest idea that is helping me these days is reflecting at the end of my day. It's so fun! It's like someone is asking for everything that I did during the day.

So I always sit in my bed with my legs curled up and with the biggest smile. This very deed has brought me closer to myself. I start from the very moment I wake up.

I am an early bird. I wake up at 5:30 AM so I reflect on my very first thoughts. Was I happy or anxious? Was I grateful? Was I happy getting out of bed? What made me happy? Did I learn anything?

Did I get anything done? If there's something I can change about my day, what would it be? Did I do something that took me out of my comfort zone? Did I stick to my affirmations and gratitude? How did I handle conflict, if there was any?

It's self-reflection and it helps me to do better the next day and it helps me to get to know myself. I thank myself for everything I did for the day and I tell myself that I love myself.

Early in the morning, I plan my day. I write what I want to get done, and how l want to feel. It has also helped me so much with being organized and the anxiety that comes with not being prepared.

I'm still not working but I am working on myself. That's what l always tell me and I am okay with that because it has given me more time to discover myself. It seems like l have moved miles with just my mind.

I feel a bit content with how my life is. My mentality has changed so much that I have learned that everything that happens in my life is for my greatest good. Nothing comes to destroy me.

If it's a good thing, I can be joyous but if it's bad l can always take a lesson and grow in how I go through life. I reframe everything into positive. I am an Alchemist. Every painful experience ends up working in my favor.

I wanted better and I keep being drawn to things that better my life. I think claiming that you want better is all you need and I am telling you your life will change. I came across the Gratitude App in an article.

I was reading about being more grateful. Someone mentioned it so l had to get it and I loved it. It was so random. I mean where else in the world would you find a Gratitude App that's so random that it asks you about the weather, about your favorite song, etc.

l love its randomness. It's like I am interacting with a friend. I always look forward to the Daily Zen in the mornings for those wonderful affirmations and Gratitude Stories.

You guys drop gems always and those challenges you have brought make the gratitude so intense. I am in love with your app.

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