Anon's Story - The doors of life

"Waking up in the morning is a blessing on its own..."

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Note from editor: This story mentions suicidal attempts and ideations. If that is something that can trigger you, please proceed with caution.

Most of the time, we are ignorant to see the good life has for us. When I was 9, I fell into depression, thinking I was worthless, just a waste of time.

Voices in my head started to lie to me, telling me how it would be better if I died, that there was nothing for me on earth. I would be very sad, angry but managed to smile every day despite the battle inside.

I tried to find someone to talk to, but they all seemed busy to listen to me. That's when I fell into drugs just to feel relaxed and feel like a normal human. I wanted to be happy like my friends.

There was a time I got tired of life, thinking God was not there for me, that it was really good that I die. I attempted hanging myself, but it didn't work. I overdosed but didn't die.

That's when I decided to read the Bible more, to listen to motivational talks. I realized that no one would be there for me except ME. I was the only person that could improve myself and save me. I absorbed myself in reading and closed off to the world.

When I was 17, I became the better version of myself. I stopped falling into depression. I realized that everything was happening because I didn't appreciate what was there. Waking up in the morning is a blessing on its own and a chance to improve my life. Coming across this app has helped me a lot; it has helped me see even the smallest blessings and be grateful for them.

I started charity work and always being there for my friends and family when they have something bothering them because I know the pain of being ignored when you desperately need someone to talk to. I realized that everyone is in their own battles and never to let that voice inside of me let me down and never to believe it, for there are a lot of doors life is about to open for me. ❤️

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