100 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations for Strong Intuition

Connect to your intuition, inner wisdom, and imagination with third eye chakra affirmations.

Image showing symbol of third eye chakra
Symbol of third eye chakra (Source - SoundCloud)

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centers in the body. These wheels or disks of spinning energy each relate to certain nerve bundles and major organs.

There are 7 chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown). Today we will focus on Third Eye Chakra (also called Ajna) Affirmations.

The third eye chakra is located between the eyes, on the forehead. It is connected to our ability to focus, see the big picture, and live in the present moment. It is related to intuition or that strong gut feeling, and imagination.

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Image showing the seven chakras in the human body
Sacral Chakras in the human body (Source - Healthline)

100 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

  1. I am wise, intuitive, and connected to my inner guidance.
  2. I trust my intuition, always.
  3. I seek to understand and learn from my life experiences.
  4. I am connected to my higher power.
  5. I am connected to the wisdom of the Universe.
  6. Every situation is an opportunity for growth.
  7. I am able to see and act in alignment with my divine purpose.
  8. I open myself to new energy and experience.
  9. I am a present observer in my life.
  10. Seeing and understanding the big picture comes naturally to me.
  11. My life moves effortlessly towards my purpose.
  12. My imagination is vivid and powerful.
  13. I nurture my spirit and am in tune with its needs.
  14. I am the source of my truth.
  15. I live in alignment with my authentic self.
  16. I trust that my highest good is unfolding.
  17. I choose to tap into my inner wisdom.
  18. My inner wisdom guides me to my highest good.
  19. My third eye sees all.
  20. I radiate indigo-blue light from my third eye chakra.
  21. I honor my intuition and use it as a guide.
  22. My inner self always has the answer.
  23. Whenever I am in doubt, I always listen to my intuition.
  24. I trust my intuition more and more every day.
  25. My intuition is highly accurate and clear.
  26. Everything I need is within me.
  27. I know my intuition will guide me in the right direction.
  28. My intuition leads me to my passion and purpose in life.
  29. I have found that if I quiet myself, the answers will come to me.
  30. My intuition knows the way.
  31. I see all things in clarity.
  32. I am open to the wisdom within.
  33. I can manifest my vision.
  34. I trust and follow my intuition.
  35. I am connected to my true path and purpose.
  36. I am connected with the wisdom of the universe.
  37. I am the source of my truth and my love.
  38. I open myself to know my inner guidance and deepest wisdom.
  39. I release and forgive the past.
  40. I am now using my intuition and insight without fear and without delusion.
  41. I deepen my connection with spirit and discover the unique ways it speaks to me.
  42. I am an open and clear channel to receive guidance and clarity from my guides and the universe.
  43. My body is a powerful messenger and I listen carefully to the signs and guidance I receive.
  44. I open myself to seeing new possibilities that align with my spirit.
  45. I am connected with all beings and feel the wisdom of all of life embedded within my body, mind, and spirit.
  46. I am an extension of the Universe.
  47. I am a loving soul in a human body.
  48. I am an expression of the divine.
  49. I am stepping into a new and fresh awareness
  50. I am now allowing myself to be guided by the universe,
  51. I am connected to the abundance universe.
  52. I am a divine being.
  53. I am connecting to my higher self.
  54. I am giving thanks and I am grateful for all my successes in life.
  55. I am sailing the sea of abundance.
  56. I am the captain of my ship.
  57. I am guided by my good feelings.
  58. I am connected to the Universe.
  59. I am a spirit having a human experience.
  60. I can tap into source energy at any time.
  61. I am an eternal and infinite being.
  62. I release the past and let go of the future.
  63. My true power lies in the present moment.
  64. I am one with the Universe.
  65. I trust the divine plan of the Universe.
  66. I am on the path to enlightenment.
  67. I am connected to the wisdom of the Universe.
  68. I’m willing to be led by the Universe.
  69. My intuition is my superpower.
  70. I am a channel for inspiration.
  71. I am aligned with the Universe.
  72. I step back and let the Universe lead the way.
  73. I am in tune with my inner guide.
  74. I know I’m being guided toward the highest good.
  75. I choose to be the light in all situations.
  76. I’m a magnet for miracles.
  77. I choose to view my obstacles as opportunities to get closer to God.
  78. The world is my classroom and the people are my assignments.
  79. I release all blocks to my spiritual connection.
  80. I let go of fear and I’m ready to realign.
  81. I’m ready to lift the veil of the spiritual realm.
  82. I’m willing to learn through love.
  83. I always let love lead the way.
  84. Every day, in every way I am connecting to the Universe.
  85. I am responsible for my spiritual development.
  86. Everyone has my unconditional love.
  87. My work is needed in this world.
  88. Today, I am connecting to God.
  89. Today, I take a step back and let the Universe guide me.
  90. I am powerful.
  91. My body is a lovely home for my radiant soul.
  92. Today I will be kind to myself and others.
  93. All things are possible with God’s help.
  94. Today is a beautiful day, full of love and joy.
  95. Thank you for my life, and all that I have to be grateful for.
  96. I love and accept myself.
  97. My thoughts are positive and loving, just like the intentions of God.
  98. I give myself permission to be happy and fulfilled in my life.
  99. I am a part of the Divine and I deserve to be happy.
  100. I feel love and live in peace.

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Image with list of third eye chakra affirmations

Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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