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Throat Chakra Affirmations

This week in our chakra series, we'll affirm throat chakra affirmations.

The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat, and at the center of the larynx. It is connected to effective communication, self-expression, clarity, and inspiration.

Here are some throat chakra affirmations:

  1. I always speak in terms of success and prosperity.
  2. I always stay calm and collected when I speak.
  3. I always take part in intelligent discussions.
  4. I always voice my opinions in a calm and considerate way.
  5. I am a confident speaker.
  6. I am confident speaking in my area of expertise.
  7. I am a deliberate listener, pausing to reflect before responding.
  8. I am a good listener.
  9. I am a great communicator.
  10. I am clear and concise in my communications.

Wisdom and Self-Help Tips

Guide to Manifestation Methods: 369 Method, Positive Affirmations, and More

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
— Steve Jobs

That’s true for our lives too. We can not only change the world but also our lives, and perhaps that’s much easier. The important and fundamental thing is to believe that we can and here’s where manifestation comes in.

I’ve been writing about manifestation lately and it’s been more fun than I had imagined! It’s one of those ideas that are easy to be cynical about and going in with an open mind, with the sole intention of learning and understanding makes a big difference. And, that’s what I recommend you to do too.

In this post, I’ll be sharing about the 369 manifestation method, and also share more manifestation methods you can choose from to practice. In the end, I will share other tips that will help you in this journey.

Here’s what you will find in this post:

  1. What is manifestation?
  2. Manifestation methods (including the 369 method/369 manifestation method)
  3. More helpful tips

Read the full post below:

Manifestation 101: What It Means, Does It Work, and How to Practice It
An in-depth guide on manifestation and how to practice it effectively.

Inspirational Stories of Gratitude

Sara's Story - Happier

This week, I want to share Sara's story with you. It's a story about grief, letting go, and making choices that take you closer to your dreams.

"I don't remember much suffering before graduation. Things were not so bright, but things were normal. I got ups and downs in life like everybody else. Yet I didn't lose that sense of belonging till then.

I majored in English Literature and humanities, by the way. I also love my major so much, that I would take it again if I have the choice.

I was raised in a broken family. My parents are divorced. They live in different countries. I've always been living with my mom and my dad used to visit every now and then. And for some reason, after graduation, I decided to move and live with Dad for a while..."

Tap below to read Sara's full story:

Sara’s story - Happier
“Sadness was coming in waves to me and I realized that it’s not about my best friend, my father, or anybody, it was about me.”

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