100+ 2024 Affirmations for a Happy and Healthy New Year

Affirm your way into the best year of your life!

Here are 110 2024 affirmations for a happy and healthy new year. Read them throughout the year to affirm how you want to feel and be.

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Alright then, here are 110 2024 affirmations for you:

2024 Affirmations

2024 New Year Affirmations

  1. This year is going to be a great and wonderful year for me.
  2. This year, my dreams are coming true.
  3. I have found the love of my life in this new year - me.
  4. I start the new year, and continue every day, sending and receiving peace and love.
  5. A wonderful, productive, and successful time is starting now.
  6. I choose to be happy every day of this new year.
  7. I am the creator of my own happiness. I’m ready to take responsibility and do what it takes to start living my dream life.
  8. I’m going to only focus on things I can control and let go of worry about the rest.
  9. 2024 is a year of wonderful surprises, good decisions, and creative solutions.
  10. I am creating financial abundance, a healthy body, and positive relationships in 2024.

2024 Affirmations for Happiness

  1. I am willing to be happy now.
  2. As I feel happy, I am manifesting more reasons to be happy.
  3. I accept that happiness is my true nature.
  4. My happiness comes from within me.
  5. Joy is the essence of my being.
  6. I am experiencing joy in everything I do.
  7. I am meant to live a happy life.
  8. My inner joy is the source of all the good in my life.
  9. Following my joy reveals the path to my best life.
  10. I am allowing myself to feel good.
  11. My choice to be happy is keeping me in perfect health.
  12. I am worthy of feeling happy.
  13. The life I’ve always dreamed of is created by my choice to be joyful now.
  14. I give myself permission to enjoy myself.
  15. The happiness I feel is felt by everyone around me.
  16. I am creating the possibility of happiness for others by being happy.
  17. All the good in my life comes to me as a result of my willingness to find happiness in each moment.
  18. My inner joy expands when I share it with others.
  19. My happiness is reflected back to me in everything I attract.
  20. I am feeling happy with myself as a person.

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2024 Affirmations for Success

  1. I am succeeding in life.
  2. I know I can achieve anything I want in life.
  3. Prosperity flows to and through me.
  4. I will succeed by attracting people who can help me.
  5. I know a positive attitude can bring me success.
  6. I am full of vitality. My confidence, positive attitude, and self-belief are my biggest assets to take me a step closer to my success.
  7. I am happy with who I am and can be.
  8. Today I am going to bid farewell to old bad habits and welcome a positive change in my life.
  9. I am worthy enough to follow my dreams and manifest my desires.
  10. Today I am prepared. I am prepared for success, love, happiness, peace, joy, and abundance! I am prepared for my wildest dreams to come true.
  11. I am the architect of my fate. I can achieve what I have dreamt for myself.
  12. I am harder than all the challenges and hurdles lying in my way.
  13. I am blessed to have everything in my life to make it successful.
  14. I am capable of attracting daily abundance.
  15. I am attuned to the abundance of success.
  16. I celebrate the abundance of everything in my life.
  17. I believe in myself.
  18. I am open to receiving unexpected opportunities.
  19. I choose to embrace the mystery of life.
  20. I am my best source of motivation.

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2024 Affirmations for Confidence

  1. I am confident, happy, healthy, and powerful.
  2. I deserve everything I want in life.
  3. I love myself unconditionally.
  4. I am competent, smart, and able.
  5. I am growing and changing for the better.
  6. I love the person I am becoming.
  7. Every day I am becoming a better version of myself.
  8. Today is a great day to be alive!
  9. I am a strong and powerful person.
  10. I am naturally confident and at ease in my own life.
  11. I am worthy, wonderful, and wise.
  12. I am clear and confident in my personal choices.
  13. I am worthy, wise, and wonderful. Confidence comes naturally to me.
  14. My body, mind, and spirit are powerful and profound.
  15. Every day my confidence is growing.
  16. I am motivated, positive, and confident in my life vision.
  17. I have complete confidence in myself and my path.
  18. I am confident in my skills and gifts.
  19. I radiate love and self-confidence.
  20. I am humble yet confident.

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2024 Gratitude Affirmations

  1. I choose to be kind to myself and love myself unconditionally.
  2. I see problems as challenges that evolve me and make me grow.
  3. I always treat others the way I expect to be treated.
  4. Each day even if it’s for a few minutes I’m going to stop and be grateful for all of life’s beauty.
  5. Every day I’m going to be more mindful of all of the small blessings that I should be thankful for.
  6. I am thankful that with each experience I become a better version of myself.
  7. I create the possibility of happiness for others by being happy.
  8. It does not matter what other people say or do. What matters is how I choose to react and what I choose to believe about myself.
  9. I return to the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.
  10. I am creating a life that feels good and I am in charge of my happiness.
  11. Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I've been given.
  12. I am humble and continue to learn every day.
  13. Being kind towards others is very important to me, and I exercise kindness throughout my day.
  14. As I focus on compassion, I naturally relate to others with love and understanding.
  15. I am not afraid of what could go wrong. I am excited about what could go right.
  16. Where I think I am lost, I am ready to feel found.
  17. As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
  18. I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire.
  19. Day by day and thought by thought, I am creating my ideal life!
  20. I am grateful for everything, the good and the bad because it made me.

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2024 Affirmations for Self-love

  1. I am at home in my body.
  2. All is well in my world. I am calm, happy, and content.
  3. I listen with love to my body’s messages.
  4. I deserve all that is good.
  5. My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.
  6. Everything is working out for my highest good.
  7. I make the decisions for myself.
  8. I am independent and in control of my life.
  9. I am worthy of good experiences.
  10. I am becoming calm with every breath I take.
  11. I accept all of me unconditionally.
  12. Every situation is easy for me to handle.
  13. I am capable.
  14. My life is a blessing.
  15. I am strong and confident.
  16. I allow myself to be who I truly am.
  17. I am feeling light and at ease.
  18. Everything is under control.
  19. I am attracting positive healing energy to myself.
  20. I have all that I need to get through this day.

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Aarushi Tewari

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