100 Powerful Body Positive Affirmations for Loving Your Body

Our bodies deserve so much love, care, and respect from us. It's time we give them that.

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The nature of the relationship we have with our bodies is significant. Someone who has a positive body image is effortlessly more confident and feels great to be in the vessel that they are.

Having body positivity also saves a lot of energy that we might have wasted on feeling insecure, criticizing our figure, comparing it to others' bodies, and having low self-worth.

It's horrible to feel horrible about your body, believe me I know it. So, today, let's dive into some beautiful and empowering body positive affirmations to finally give our bodies the love, care, and respect they deserve.

In this post, you will find:

  1. Body positive affirmations
  2. Affirmations for body image
  3. Affirmations for a healthy body
  4. Body confidence affirmations
  5. Body positive mantras

Body Positive Affirmations

  1. I am perfect and complete just the way I am.
  2. My body is a vessel for my awesomeness.
  3. There is more to life than worrying about my weight. I’m ready to experience it.
  4. I deserve to be treated with love and respect by my mind.
  5. I trust the wisdom of my body.
  6. I am accepting myself as I am right now.
  7. I am feeling good about myself.
  8. I am compassionate and warm to my body.
  9. My very existence makes the world a better place.
  10. I am taking care of my overall well-being.
  11. I am choosing to do kind things for myself.
  12. I love my body as it is today.
  13. I am nourishing my body with healthy food.
  14. I am worthy just as I am.
  15. I am beautiful.
  16. I love my body as it is.
  17. I give my body the respect it deserves.
  18. My body is my forever home and I am grateful for it.
  19. I feel great in my body!
  20. My body is a blessing.
  21. I appreciate my body for it gives me life.
  22. My body is perfect the way that it is and I honor it in this state.
  23. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  24. I am feeling fabulous and confident in my body.
  25. I promise to love and cherish my body.
  26. I am grateful for my body which lets me experience life.
  27. I bless my body with nutritious food.
  28. I listen to my body’s needs.
  29. I take care of my body.
  30. I appreciate my body for all that it lets me do.

Affirmations for body image

  1. My body is perfect for me.
  2. My body is a miracle.
  3. I choose to be kind to my body.
  4. My mind is a friend to my body.
  5. My mind is kind to my body.
  6. My body is a work of art.
  7. I love my body.
  8. I respect my body.
  9. I have a beautiful body.
  10. I am fond of my body.

Affirmations for a healthy body

  1. I have a healthy body.
  2. I treat my body well.
  3. I give my body what it needs.
  4. I listen to my body.
  5. I am full of energy.
  6. My body is highly resilient.
  7. My body gets stronger day by day.
  8. My body heals very quickly.
  9. I love my body as it is right now.
  10. I am feeling comfortable in my body.
  11. I am healthy, happy, and radiant.
  12. I have abundant energy, vitality, and well-being.
  13. My immune system is healthy and strong.
  14. I love and care for my body and it cares for me.
  15. I am my greatest well-wisher.
  16. I love my body for everything amazing it can do!
  17. My body knows how to heal itself.
  18. My body feels good and I radiate good feelings.
  19. I choose food that nourishes every cell in my body.
  20. I’m falling in love with taking care of myself.
  21. I am letting go of anything that comes in the way of my good health.
  22. I am grateful to have a sturdy and flexible body.
  23. I am surrounded by healing energy.
  24. I fully embrace my body.
  25. I enjoy working out to keep my body fit.
  26. I am blessed with good health.
  27. I take time for self-care on a daily basis.
  28. What matters most is how my body feels, not how it looks.
  29. I feel good when I take care of my mind and body.
  30. The food I eat nourishes and energizes me.

Body confidence affirmations

  1. I feel confident in my body.
  2. My body is amazing.
  3. There are so many incredible things that my body can do.
  4. My body has achieved a lot, and I’m proud of it!
  5. There’s no other body like mine and I celebrate that.
  6. I cherish my body for being what it is.
  7. I am confident in the capabilities of my body.
  8. My body is a blessing.
  9. My body is my greatest gift, and I treat it well.
  10. I only welcome positive thoughts about my body.
  11. I tie the health of my life to my body, not my self-worth.
  12. I speak loving words to my body.
  13. I unconditionally accept and love myself just as I am.
  14. My body is worthy of love and respect as it is.
  15. My body is a source of strength, not insecurity or shame.

Body positive mantras

  1. My body radiates beautiful kindness.
  2. My body deserves immense love and care.
  3. I am thankful for my body's strength.
  4. I can be a good example to other women and girls about how to love their bodies.
  5. I love and accept my body just as it is today.
  6. I am perfect, whole, and complete just the way I am.
  7. Love fills every inch of my skin and I feel the love inside my body.
  8. I love my body.
  9. It’s okay for me to like myself. It’s okay for me to love myself.
  10. It’s okay for me to feel good.
  11. I choose good health.
  12. My very existence makes the world a better place, and I exist through my body.
  13. I embrace my body as it changes through time. I am grateful to see its journey.
  14. I eat for energy and nourishment.
  15. My body can do awesome things.

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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