100 Sleep Affirmations for a Calm, Restful Night

Here is a list of 100 sleep affirmations to help you rest deeply and wake up rejuvenated.

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We all deserve a good night's rest. For that, I bring to you 100 sleep affirmations to help you rest with relaxation and wake up refreshed.

Affirmations are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. They help reshape our self-talk and become more compassionate. They are also one of the most-loved parts of my FREE 💗 21-day Self Love Course.

Students experience guided affirmations audio sessions every day ranging from topics like confidence, self-acceptance, self-worth, etc.

So tonight, let's affirm these positive sleep affirmations to help us take the rest that we need.

Sleep Affirmations

  1. I am feeling calm and peaceful.
  2. I am ready to rest.
  3. I feel relaxed and happy.
  4. I am grateful to be here.
  5. I feel happy to nourish my health with soothing rest.
  6. All that I did today was enough. I sleep with a light and serene mind.
  7. I deserve to rest well.
  8. I am filled with a sense of deep, peaceful sleep.
  9. Sleep comes easily to me.
  10. Sleep is a beautiful form of self-care.
  11. I am feeling calm now that my day is done.
  12. My heart is full of gratefulness.
  13. All is well and in perfect condition.
  14. My body is relaxed and I feel light.
  15. I am breathing in relaxation.
  16. I am inviting positive energy into my body.
  17. As I welcome sleep, I feel grateful for the many ways that I am blessed.
  18. I am choosing to fill my mind with nurturing and healing energy.
  19. I am becoming sleepier with each breath I take.
  20. I am safe and secure right where I am.
  21. My life is easy and filled with joy and compassion.
  22. My heart is open to receiving all of the love of the universe.
  23. I am feeling at ease.
  24. I love and accept my body.
  25. I am feeling proud of myself for today.
  26. As I lay in bed, I embrace stillness.

Positive Sleep Affirmations

  1. I release the day.
  2. My confidence and happiness increase as I sleep.
  3. It is easy for me to sleep soundly.
  4. My mind is quiet and peaceful.
  5. With every breath I take, calmness washes over me.
  6. I release all tension from the body as I prepare for bed.
  7. I am in a relaxed state.
  8. I am thankful to be where I am.
  9. I am still.
  10. I am calm.
  11. I breathe deeply and slowly.
  12. I am grateful for my bed, my room, and my quiet body.
  13. I am allowed to feel good at the end of the day.
  14. Peace and happiness are my priority right now.
  15. I know I did my best today.
  16. I embrace rest. I welcome sleep.
  17. I relax my head, face, neck, arms, stomach, legs, and feet. I let them sink deeply into the bed.
  18. This is my time to heal.
  19. It feels good to be still.
  20. I cherish my relationship with sleep.
  21. I am thankful for this chance to do nothing but rest.
  22. I am relaxed and prepared for a night of deep sleep.
  23. I sleep deeply throughout the night.
  24. I always sleep well.
  25. My bedroom is a sleep oasis.

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Bedtime Affirmations for Deep Sleep

  1. I am calm and peaceful now that my day is done.
  2. I am happy with who I am.
  3. I embrace myself lovingly.
  4. I am breathing slowly and deeply.
  5. I am grateful for this comforting silence.
  6. My heart is happy and relaxed.
  7. Everything is perfect at this moment.
  8. I am happy to give my body what it needs.
  9. I allow my brain to rest now.
  10. I am filled with a sense of happiness, gratitude, and contentment.
  11. I allow myself to enjoy taking rest.
  12. Sleep comes naturally to me.
  13. I deserve this rest
  14. My sleep is peaceful
  15. I am in control of my sleeping patterns
  16. I get all the sleep I need
  17. I am happy to be able to sleep
  18. Sleep rejuvenates me
  19. Sleeping deeply is normal for me
  20. I am calming my body and mind
  21. I am a good sleeper
  22. I am ready to sleep
  23. My body heals while I sleep
  24. My dreams are happy and harmonious
  25. I hug my body and thank it for all that it does for me.

Sleep Affirmations for a Good Night

  1. I know I did my very best today.
  2. I can feel myself relaxing.
  3. I choose calmness at this moment.
  4. I will sleep restfully and dream beautiful, nurturing dreams tonight.
  5. I am worthy of rest.
  6. I deserve a good night’s sleep.
  7. I am enough.
  8. I am worthy.
  9. I deserve peace.
  10. I am in a safe space to sleep.
  11. I am ready to recharge.
  12. I let sleep come to me.
  13. I am grateful for today’s lessons.
  14. I focus on the present moment.
  15. I choose to rest.
  16. Sleep helps me heal.
  17. I choose inner peace.
  18. Every breath I take brings me closer to sleep.
  19. This is the time for me to be with myself.
  20. There is nothing else I need to do now.
  21. I am sailing to the depths of the night.
  22. The outside world is fading into the background now.
  23. I allow myself to be here now.
  24. I pause and release.
  25. I am grateful.

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Aarushi Tewari

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