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"I can say without a doubt that my life has forever changed not only for the better for myself, but for others. I am always inspired every day by things small and large that bring me happiness and gratitude. "

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Aarushi: Firstly, I want to congratulate you for having completed two years with the Gratitude app. How do you feel?

Mega: I feel fantastic. Thank you for having me, Aarushi. Yes, today is two years to the day that I started my gratitude journal and my life has forever changed for the better thanks to you, thanks to the app, and thanks to this new mentality of gratitude.

Aarushi: Let's get to know more about how gratitude has been helpful for you. Before you started using the Gratitude app, what place were you in your life emotionally? How were you doing then?

Mega: I had just left the life I knew up until that point behind, not six months before. And I was excited, but still having a bit of difficulty knowing the best way to guide myself and to be guided in this pursuit of following my dreams.

Sometimes I would feel overwhelmed or doubtful. And it was when I found the gratitude journal that I was looking for, so to speak a north star to guide me in the best positive direction.

Aarushi: How did you find the Gratitude app? Were you reading about gratitude before this or you were just looking for a journal?

Mega: I was definitely beginning to focus on gratitude and reading articles on a various amount of subjects, and gratitude, of course, all for the sake of improving myself as an artist and as a person. And I believe I found gratitude journals from an Instagram ad on my story.

Aarushi: How did help you when you started using the Gratitude app? How was your experience with consciously being grateful for things around you?

Mega: Oh my goodness! So the first thing that I did was make the decision that I was not going to just fill out an entry and do it halfway. I went as far as I could. So I used the notifications. And I set it to the maximum.

I decided right from the beginning, three entries a day. I was not going to miss. And since that beginning, I have not missed a single day of three entries minimum.

And I can say without a doubt that my life has forever changed not only for the better for myself, but for others. I am always inspired every day by things small and large that bring me happiness and gratitude.

And because of that, I have been told directly and indirectly, by people from my personal life to my fans and followers, that it inspires them every single day to not only be grateful but to follow their dreams.

Aarushi: That is quite inspiring! And it's such an achievement that you decided to write three times a day and then you followed it through and it's been two years. That is a lot. So why did you decide three times a day to do this every day?

Mega: I didn't want to do it in half measures. I wanted to do as many as I could. And then eventually it wasn't even something that I needed reminders for.

Sometimes I even do twice as many entries a day just because I have so many things to be grateful for because now those things find me as I'm always looking for them.

And I found that it's similar to the law of attraction, you receive what you put out. And that's not the reason I did it, to receive wonderful things in my life. But it certainly is a wonderful result.

And when you see those results, when I see the beauty of what happens to one's life through gratitude, then it's even more motivation to just continue.

Aarushi: How did you start seeing these beautiful things happening? You were saying that they came to you. Can you tell me a bit more about that?

Mega: In the beginning, I started with larger concepts. I started with, "I'm grateful for my dreams because they give me something every day to have a passion and purpose for when I wake up."

And I felt that that would begin my guidance, to help me always have this inspired positive attitude. And then, as I became more aware of things around me, it reminds me a bit of one of the many quotes in your Daily Zen section that I really love.

And I actually save many of those quotes into my phone so that I can always refer to them at any time. And there is one that I really enjoy that says, "When you begin to notice things from a mindset of gratitude, miracles begin to appear everywhere."

And it's absolutely true, whether they're small miracles or life-changing monumental ones, not just for myself, but for others. It becomes very easy to notice the things for which we are grateful.

And those things, whether they're large or small, they only multiply as we take time to recognize them.

And I am also equally happy to say that it appears as though the more I do that for myself, the more I notice those things in others and recognize them, those others begin to notice those things themselves more often as well. So it's a ripple effect that just never ends. And it's only the best things.

Aarushi: In the end, would you like to in a very succinct way,  encapsulate your story? How has it been for you?

Mega: Well, as my story said, when I was a little girl, and I was in diapers, I walked up to my mother, I was probably no more than three years old.

And I looked at her and I said, "Mom, I'm going to be famous." And she said, "That's sweet, you want to be famous." And I said, "No mom, I will be famous."

And in order to accomplish such a monumental thing, one has to have an immense amount of self-belief and a mentality that anything is possible in general so that they can inspire themselves to make those dreams come true. And also inspire others so that they can be inspired.

And before I found this gratitude method, I can't say for certain that I did believe that my greatest dreams would become reality. And it was through this beautiful journey that I partook, and thanks to the app that I was able to continue that focus.

And I am happy to say that I am and my greatest dreams are becoming reality. And one of the greatest things about that is that I am able to share that inspiration, that positivity, that gratitude with others so that they can see that that's possible for them too.

And I did want to add one final thing that I do with this journal. And it's something that perhaps others who have the journal might be shy to do. And I want to make something clear.

When I write about somebody, in this very personal gratitude journal, I share it with them, and I send them to the person. And the first few times that I did that, I was shy.

I thought, "What if somebody thinks that this is inappropriate?" "What if someone laughs at me?" And I realized, what could possibly be anything but the best thing, than to have somebody tell you, "For some reason today, I am grateful for you."

And I can say that in these two years of the easily over 50 entries I have shared individually with those people, not a single person has had a reaction, anything other than, "I am so touched. Thank you so much. It is so nice to know that I'm thought about and that I inspired your gratitude. That is so incredibly wonderful."

And many of those people became gratitude journals themselves as a result, and now do that as well. So I did want to mention that because at the end of the day, yes, my dreams are coming true. Many have!

But also because of that. I'm able to inspire others to believe and I truly do believe that everyone can make their greatest dreams become reality.

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